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1 feb 2017
for those still blocked try update version to 2..0.2 and use or or

for those having problems update the addon to the next version2..02,goto addon settings hit default and everything should work as normal
latest fix video here

if your blocked try
offers movies and tv shows most in 720p
very fast loading speeds

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this is a review of a 3rd party addon and not connected to in any way


  1. I was having that same problem.. When going to year it only said older.. It was fixed with his update a couple days ago..

    • yep sorry about that m8, im just lucky i guess but the 1 in the video still working here, how long for is anyones guess, ty for watching m8

  2. for those having problems update the addon to the next version,goto addon settings hit default and everything should work as normal

    • yes 123 movies did write some code to stop the addon from working but this was fixed in the last few versions.
      so not only do we have isp blocking we have like u say the sites themselfs,its a cat and mouse game it seems

    • Its not working for me currently it loads everything BUT the movies. Keeps telling me to ck my logs. I installed Phoenix and am hanging in for hope for Exodus.

    • its a strange 1 why some it works and some it doesnt so strange,is your Exodus working? i just checked and its still ok here,the futre is unknown but it will sure be here to stay. give specto a try if u not already done so imo its as good as Exodus and was 1 of lambda addons before the name change from genesis
      ty for your comment m8

  3. My 123movies base url has been changed to a ‘virginmedia block-site’ address.  Every time I try to change that it reverts back.  I’ve googled the problem and all I find is people saying to turn off virgin’s websafe.  Mine is off anyway.

  4. Hey bro I did the same thing I can see list of movies but when I click on any it say failed to play check your log
    Note: I am doing it on android smartphone

    • hi sorry didnt see the message sometimes youtube fails to send me alerts and i miss them, there should now be a way to select a proxy within the addon, keep selecting until u find 1 that works for u

  5. Url worked. Any idea what the default settings are when using super favorites? Says 123 is set for confluence. Have Xenon installed an can’t run 123 without error message.

    • hi ckfrostysnow7 sorry about that it seems this addon is hit and miss for many as lots of isp,s seem to block it now. also the website itself likes to block kodi,ty for the comment?

  6. Sorry…if you could listen to yourself back…some of the words were spoken too fast eg “video addon!”- no one could really pick it up. Why the hurry?


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