This is one of the 3 ways you can backup and restore Kodi; I thought I'd cover them all so you guys could use the option that you preferred. Since most of you have Indigo install in Kodi why not use what's already installed.

Run Kodi, go to the settings icon at the top then click on File Manager and click Add source and add the following sources with the following path and name:

– fusion
(after adding this source go to SYSTEM – Settings – Add-Ons – Install from zip file, fusion – begin-here "")

Once installed go to Add-ons on the main menu and click on Indigo.

Click on Backup / Restore
Click on Select Backup Location
Click at the top and select the location where you want to store the backup (advice put it on your Internal storage and copy it to USB afterwards; not all Android boxes allow you to write to the USB from within Kodi)

Once you've done that click on Full Backup and wait for it to finish

To restore a back up on any Kodi device simply go back to Backup/Restore
Click on Restore Backup

Enjoy 🙂

Thanks to all the TV ADDONS team of developers who made this possible 🙂


  1. is there a way to update KODI without losing my addons? KODI is installed on a firestick. or can the addons be backed up with INDIGO…

    • you can back up things using Indigio, I have a video on that but for just backing up add-ons and favourites, I’d use Backup restore from xfinity which I also have a video on. If your kodi is working fine there’s no need to update to 17.1, it’s still beta; Kodi messages are annoying; they always want you to update the software; just ignore it. 16.1 or 17 works fine.

    • you can do that through google; there’s a back up options in settings, more settings on the android box. it backups up everything to your google acoount

    • well it goes in the location that you specified the backup to go to; so that’s where it should be. make sure you set a back up location before performing the backup.

  2. i did a backup from kodi 16, deleted kodi 16, installed kodi 17. all was fine , i followed your tutorial and restored my backup but now it just keeps kicking me off, how do i fix this ?

  3. Helder, now that Xfinity and TV Addons are gone, what is your choice method of backing up? Will you do a video on it?

    • go online, google usb sd wizard or indigo download the zip file which you can install manually and back up as usual without having a source or repo; I save them on my usb stick and install them using install from zip file in SYSTEM – Add-ons. good luck


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