what’s up guys your plan here again and today I’m just doing another video and today is just an update to a video I’ve done a couple days ago and that video was to show you guys how to install Exodus now that was some simple caz repo and that repo is down right now at the moment so right now I’m giving you guys an alternative way to install Exodus

so let’s jump right into it the first thing you want to do guys is going to your settings and go to your system settings and we want to make sure the unknown sources is turned on so go to your add-ons here move over put unknown sources go ahead and switch it to click, yes and now we’re just going to back out alright

so here we are again in the system menus now we’re going to go down to our file manager we’re going to add a source and we’re going to put in this URL guide so this is from top tutorial so HTTP colon four slash four slash top tutorial code dot uk’ four slash Kodi four slash repos so guys go ahead feel free to pause this video right here just to get URL correct once you’ve got that typed in go ahead and click OK and we want to give it a name since this is from top tutorial

I’m going to main mine dot titi feel free to name yours whatever you like just remember what you called it click OK when I click OK again and now we’re going to back all the way out guys now we’re on the main menu again

so from here we’re going to go down to add-ons we’re going to go to the Box icon on the top left we’re going to install from zip file click on top tutorial or whatever you guys decided to name yours and what we’re looking for is the errors project so go down and there it is right here guys is repository that Ares projects it go ahead and click here and so wait for the confirmation on the top right there are the confirmation guys

so once you see that confirms what we want to do is install from the repository so click on this all from repository go down to Ares project click on program add-on click on Ares wizard go ahead and click install alright so there it is

Ares wizard add-on installed once we do that we’re going to back all the way out to the main menu so under the main menu on the add-ons you’ll see that you have areas wizard go ahead and launch it let’s give it a second for it to update and this will take a minute or

so you look at his blank screen just give it some time all right so there it is guys we’re in the areas wizard and once we get here we want to go to browse add-ons next we’re going to go down to video add-ons and you see where you have some of your popular add-ons right here guys you have Ares to re-enlist you also have Exodus ice films we have salt X movies velocity one two three movies for this video we’re just going to do Exodus

so go ahead and click on Exodus well make sure Exodus is highlighted kind of move over to the right check the bottom right here make sure you’re on the right one make sure it says Exodus click install and just give it a minute to this will have a couple different pop-ups for dependencies that are being installed just be patient you so once you’re done guys you see this pop-up that says Exodus was successfully installed click okay so once you finish Exodus guides

you can look and see if you want any other add-on sea-salt it’s also on here so feel free to download whatever you like so once you’re done just go ahead and close and this will close you out of the Aries wizard so click yes and just go back to your main menu guys now once you get back to the main menu guys you see that on the add-ons on the video add-ons you have Exodus right here go ahead and click on it now if it shows like these guys all you need to do is exit and relaunch Kodi so let’s go ahead and do that and we’ll just go ahead and maximize

again all right so we’re back in Kodi guys go to add-ons again go back up to Exodus and there we are as you can see you have the movie section you can go to the year that you want let’s pick 2017 and here you are some of your movies so let’s just pick a random one let’s pick cars and just keep an eye on the providers guys will try to make a list and then we’ll try to clean up and make Exodus a little bit faster next time to look like we have the FD an H which is still waiting on ya Bobby and torva

so what we’ll do next time is just get rid of those three all right so here we are let’s go ahead and pick our screen and there we are up and running so let’s get out of here let me go back to the main Exodus menu and I just want to show you guys a way to make Exodus run a little bit smoother for you so if you remember you remember that AF da edge, as well as Bobby, took a while to load those go ahead and get rid of those too so go back to your main menu on Exodus what you want to do is go down to tools and go to general there are two things you want to do here guys first thing you want to do is your providers timeout you want to change this to about 10 seconds

because what this will do is it will wait for a provider until it can read a link and if the provider is down it will take 30 seconds and you’ll just sit there so set it to 10 seconds that way if it finds if it got a provider that it hung up on it will only be 10 seconds versus 30 so that’s the first thing next you want to go over to providers and this is where we can get rid of the providers that have taken to one so we add the FD an H which took forever we also had Bobby which took awhile as well so we’ll go ahead and disable those tool click OK again I’m just going to go back out let’s go right back into movies and we’ll go by year again go 2017 and this time

I want to pick the same movie and I just want to show you guys how much faster it takes to load all right so here we are let’s go down to cards again now notice the time at three seconds you notice that the AAA PAH and Bobby is not there anymore go to 9 to 10 seconds and bam we’re back in here so let’s pick the first one again as you can see that loaded right away again another thing I wanted to show you guys is that the search is currently working I know on the last video I showed a lot of guys complain that the search wasn’t working so let’s go ahead and just demonstrate that so go back to your main menu go to search and we’ll just search movies and we’ll just put x-men click OK

and there we are guys all the x-men movie so let’s just pick one Wolverine to keep an eye on the time elapsed there you go 10 seconds and we’re in here and here we are let’s just skip ahead and everything’s working fine in HD so that’s basically it for this video guys like I said I’ve done release a video couple days ago and that link seems to be dead so I just wanted to give you guys an update so if you have any questions about this please leave them in the comment section below please mind the like SH

and subscribe and please remember guys when you subscribe hit that Bell for notification so you know when I release a new video and I also want to mention I do have a giveaway coming up so stay tuned for that thanks for watching and I’ll catch you on the next video



  1. So, I install the cowboy repo installer…but the part I can not find, is “system>addons “Metal Kettle.” I can not get pass that part. And when I check my downloads section, UFO Repository, Ares…etc. is showing o% downloaded. Nothing has changed in KODI for me :/

  2. I added the file search. Somehow this addon automatically downloaded to my other kodi devices which I don’t like at all. Why did this happened????

  3. Sorry thank you for a great clear concise tutorial- I’ve never known how to do an add on once my build has been finished-so nicely done and thank you for that?

  4. Well, long story, but had to do a fresh install of jarvis 16.1 . So I thought I would just get the apps I had installed in it before. no joy. so tried multiple other add-ons with no luck. running into all the problems people are explaining below. but, weirdly enough, this one worked for me. go figure. Thanks for the upload.

  5. How long does it take to install the MetalKettles Add-on Repository? Seems like it’s been loading forever. Is this normal?

  6. Hey when I go to Cowboys Repo Installer I get “error check the log for more info”. Can you help me with that?

  7. Hi & thanks for your video
    I done the same as quantumreality. Got as far as the install of metalkettles repository. It didn’t show in the list so I’ve done a search, it has come up with 2, Add-on repository-Metalkettles addon repository, Downloading. That’s where it has seemed to have stopped? Just says 0% for downloading & nothing else.
    Does anyone know what this problem could be & some help with what I do next please.


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