Hi everybody well if you’re looking for a great build for your Kodi Jarvis or your Kodi 17 Krypton you’ve come to the right place welcome to Kodi solution you hi everybody I just wanted to bring your attention just one thing today and that was a vote by the US Senate on the 24th of March 2017 a hyperlink on the Kodi solutions website I will put it up there so if you just go – Kodi – solutions calm it does say on here – just click on the link below and this is hence the reason why I bang on about having a VPN the volca allow ISPs to sell people state without their consent a hub for link as a sate of the article on there so if you can see guys have a look at it tell me what you think and it says they’re going to sell your data okay get yourself a VPN that’s what is the arc newspaper right or save as I say we do have lots of links below ok if you just go to the KOA solutions website all these ones here will take you to about 10 or 15 different websites all that they’re all the prices of what they offer in things like that if you want one for Kodi the china best ones for Netflix or just all general and things like that ok and it tells us you a little bit about ten reasons why BPM will be useful for you as well okay so if you like it please give a thumbs up enjoy the video take care i avoiding what today i’ve got a great bill for you now this one is called the or room filled this is the non adult version they do build for Kodi Jarvis and they also do build for Kodi Krypton as well they do want for a lite version and they also do a sort of more beefed-up version as well for the jar this one this one as I say is going to be the non adult version of it so this is a say is for Kodi Krypton so let’s get straight through to it and the trouble look and see what we think now as you can see it starts up very nice and clean looking at the beginning it has the all roof all in one so we can see at the very bottom in a subcategory so we’re going to have stream army we’re going to have wolf pack also going to have Bob and we’re having Z also got as you can see it metallic in there so let’s just go down and work our way along we have sanctuary silent under Redemption steam hub Boulton specialists involved phoenix UK turks have got a really really good collection in there so all nicely put in one place then got also our super favorites so this one is in your movie so if you want to go into your movies part on the very bottom you can work in there and you’ve got movies documentaries TV shows kids sections live TV all in one area so that’s very nice and very well put together there but then come into our TV show section in here and then your subcategory you’re going to have other add-ons like final gear top TV show section Spectre Exodus and for you salts TV a TV won the series attic and Ares QED and teegan’s TV as well next section will also be a sports section air so this one’s going to quite a bit in there it’s got a bit of soccer in there it’s got project B you’ll have your live Premiership as I said sports double so you can get live games castaway njm our sports replays Pro Sport revved up via motorsports their Speedway WWE USC and then you’re going back to your football and the more general ones and then we’re coming into Celtic TV ranges TV and also keeping Subic so it’s going to open up that a little bit more for you we then got a live demand one so you can go into a live TV and also on-demand stuff as well so if you like you’re rushing today news or any fox news any particular news channel it’s going to be in here you’ve also got sea cloud TV you’ve also got the BBC iPlayer you have the ITV player now obviously with the ITV player and also the BBC player depending on what region you’re in or country you might need it to be unlocked geographically so maybe our VPN kids section on here as well if you feed got dandies kids Exodus kids keegan movies quite a bit this one from Tegan and also Bobby’s cartoon so there’s some good page section in here my favourite section on here as well and a great add-on essay in here as well a code amenities absolutely brilliant add-on that you’ve got Phoenix documentaries you’ve got Vice the Cardo I’m sure you have UK tips excellent brilliant Phoenix document user said our is mafia and as I said earlier an excellent add-on in aerco documentaries really really good on that one Picardo then we come into our music one as you can see you’re going to have to box here we hero we’re going to be top 40 charts you’ve got your VEVO music source old-school music start be some old-school banging music in there then you’ve got dangerous days and field index so there’s a good section there we’ve got part from arrows wizard you can go in there you can add more add-ons in that way or you can possibly change the building feel that way skin settings can change the skin on it all that sort of stuff you’ve got your power section here for cutting down YouTube section so you can have a look at a few moreKodi solution videos and then you back to your movie section on here so you can see movies about Exodus just math scene peeper HD movies absolutely loads 1080p get a flicks movie bolt dandy media specter fine and dandy there’s absolutely loads in there okay so there you go guys I think this is a really really good-looking build this it’s got everything in there all things need to be nicely put together all the sections are well laid out not gimmicky in any way so as I said you can get it in Jarvis and it can also get it in Krypton so if you liked it please give a thumbs up I really appreciate it and thank even what you’re watching take care you okay everybody well we do try and bring you all the best and the latest builds available so first things first always have a nice clean builder Kodi 17 okay so before we install this and what we need to do once you’ve started that is go to this center one here this setting foot ok so just double click on that and come down to the very important and go to the file manager and just select that ok let that open up on the left hand side you’ll see a add source so just come down to the very bottom and click on add source ok this then pops up and this is where we’re going to put the URL in that box there was not so just type this in exactly this is the new URL for our is wizard if you’ve been trying to don’t use the code UK address which doesn’t work anymore so just use that one so it’s going to be HTTP repo .

Arrays – project.com /a magic ok so we’re going to go over that again just the only one who’s got a like a mouse or anything a little bit slower so what you see you don’t we don’t get too far ahead of you HTTP colon double forward slash repo . arrows – project.com four slash magic ok when you’ve done that you’ll see ok on the right hand side just select that and then in the bottom part just come down to here and you can put whatever you want I’m just going to leave it as a magic because I’m going anything on there so it shouldn’t confuse it with anything else so you just come down the very bottom on OK and just select it ok now magic it’s gone over at the left hand side as you can see so we’ll just go back one and go back to until about double Kodi homepage now when you’ve done that just come down two add-ons okay so highlight that and just select it you’re going to get this pop-up okay now you want to go up to this one here it’s like the open box so you select on the open box okay that it opens up and go to install from a zip file so going store from your zip file highlight and just click on it you’re going to get this one here and this is all about the unknown sources being enabled so just go over to settings and select that and that opens up and you’re going to see that we’re already highlighted on unknown sources so just select that and it now goes over and this pop-up comes up click on the yes and that’s that all done that means we’ve acknowledged it so go back one step until we go back to the install from the zip file and select that again come down to magic or whatever name you called it just highlight it and click on it go to repository errors project click on that and go down to the errors project to visit it just click on that again now we’re just going to wait for our pop-up and that’s going to show in the right-hand corner the top one so we’ll just give that just a second or two and we’ll just got our little notification so just wait for that normally takes about 10-15 seconds not that long really so we’ll just wait for that to notifiers and when that does we can go on to the next step you’ll just wait for that as I say don’t be quite quick it all depends on how busy things are so don’t forget guys the giveaways on the 29th of this month and we do one every month as you can see the add-ons now installed now what we need to do is we need to go to install from repository go up one above and just select that go to areas project highlight that and just select it again go to program add-ons select that and go to arrows wizard and select that again you’ll be get this screen pop up and you’ll see install so just click on the install and that’s just going to install it now so we now got errors with is now on there now go all the way back when that’s gone to the very beginning page so we’re now there and you can see project arrow arrows wizard in the program add-on so just come along click on it and go down that origin with it click on errors wizard and let it do its thing I’ll get updates and then you’ll get a few little things fly up not a big problem just click select ok no problem so we’ll just wait for that to do its thing unstable it goes that for some reason just ignore it just click on OK and then we’ll just wait for the screen to pop up so it will just wait for that to happen so it shouldn’t take much longer and this will be the one with all the built in and add-ons and everything like that so we’ll just wait for that and here we go so just click on browse build and work your way down and this is the one we’re looking at today little room okay so just select a for rule you’ll say get pin okay so just click on get pin it might come up with an error or something like that saying about block to ones okay what I normally do is I just normally use my so just come back out of that just close it and then I just use a QR one just on my phones just there for that one okay so you just get a QR reader on there and just scan that code and just enter it and it’s two five eight four that’s what it is at the moment and then you’re going to get this one now what you have here if you’ve got the cody Jarvis once and if you’re running Kodi sixteen you have all the different formats so if you want no adults or with adults or lite version without alt or lite version without adults okay you’ve also got the new one with no adults which we’re doing today and you’ve got the new version with an adult one so if you’ve got Kodi krypton these are the two for you and just follow exactly the same process on which one you want out of these okay the one we’re doing today is going to be the no adult version so just click on no adults go along as you can see it’s highlighted there then click on install as you can see it’s three hundred and thirty six point nine one megabytes so when that’s probably extracted looking about 450 okay so there you go there’s a great bill for you don’t forget please all you have to do for the giveaway just leave a comment in the description below thank you very much for watching take care [Music]



Kodi 17.5.1 / 17.5 / 17.4 / 17.3 / 17.2 /17.1 Krypton is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.

Also includes Live TV, Free IPTV Stalker, TVAddons and Live Sports. Channels like: CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, C-SPAN, BBC, Bloomberg, PBS, Disney Channel, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Kodi Solutions, Bravo, Toon, TV Land, TNT, TMC, AMC, TBS, FX, Sci-Fi, Science, Discovery, NASA, History, Hallmark, Lifetime, Mystery, SoapNet, Romance, Shopping Network, MTV, Newtechevolution, Entertainment, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ESPN

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  1. Thank you very much. I’ve been tryiing to work with the wife on Krypton, while I was running Jarvis. I installed this on both, and we’re on the same page. Thank you so much. Works like a charm on both 16.1 and 17 ! 🙂

  2. PLEASE HELP ME! ???. I have a Ti4 Element Android TV box that runs 4.4.2 Kit Kat version. I was running 15.2 Kodi on this system until last week when Kodi stopped working completely. I uninstalled Kodi 15.2 completely erasing all data + addons (I figured these were corrupt after they stopped working)& did a factory reset. By resetting it, it brought me back to the original Kodi 15.2 when I purchased it in December 2015. Anyways, I tried opening the factory reset Kodi 15.2 version & nothing works! I’m assuming this entire version along with the old addons are bad now. I really need your help with this specific android box(Ti4 4.4.2) getting the correct compatible Kodi version with correct addons to work. Right now I’m back to square one as if I’d just purchased the box after doing the factory reset with the Kodi 15.2 version on it. I know that the Kodi 17.1 Krypton version isn’t compatible with my Ti4 4.4.2 box & that only a “specific” version of Kodi 16.1 Jarvis is compatible with this box, but I don’t know which specific 16.1 version to install. What do you recommend I do (step by step) and which Kodi 16.1 version (please attach me the link) should I download that’s compatible with this specific box?I’d also appreciate a 16.1 link build with addons that’s compatible with the 16.1 version you recommend me.

  3. hey can someone help me I followed along but once I got to install it just went back to ares wizard it will not download

  4. If ISPs are gonna sell your information, then its best to demand whatever monies are made from the sale. If not you sue. Its doesnt matter what politicians say you have contract. They seel your name without your permission you are owed just compensation…


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