Better than Indigo, A-Z popular & New working video, music & program Addons inside one repository kodi 23rd june 2017

Indigo Error, Try This kodi june 2017 Best substitution for Indigo, 300+ kodi builds, program, video, install ares wizard in kodi 17.3

This video will guide you through how to install best working program addons ares wizard complete walk through, this is best working and better than indigo that will help you install several popular working addons like exodus, channel, zen, phoneix and ther, you can use for kodi maintance, you can fresh start kodi using this ares program addons, you can instal 300+ popular and new kodi build using this program addons like CDTV build, infusion build for kodi 17.3, titanium build for kodi 17.3, titanic build for kodi 17.3 and many more
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  1. The problem is not the mic. You are mumbling. Speak slower and more distinctly. Enunciate your words better. Also, the accent is NOT the problem.

  2. thank you working great took me all night but you had the fix don’t listen to the comments you are great will subscribe


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