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How to easily change your background picture in XBMC or KODI using the fusion maintenance addon, If you do not have the maintenance add-on you can get it from the add-on installer which should be on your system after running the fusion wizard.

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  1. After clicking on wallpaper download directory I get a whole different pop up. I dont get external storage etc. I get
    C drive
    Home folder
    Network filesystem
    Upnp devices
    Windows network

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • +Junior Garcia You can use your own picture. you just need to save the picture (download it) to the internal drive. Some devices are easier to work with. A PC is the easiest, android and fire tv are a little trickier but work well. when you select the path for the background, just navigate to where the downloaded picture is. Hope that helps. Thanks

    • system- appearance- tap right and tap down 1 to settings – down to add on shortcuts – tap right and select add on 1 in videos and choose. and then do the same for the rest. hope that’s simple enough ?

  2. Thank you! I had no success from another video I had watched. He had the paths set to his C-drive. I needed your video to set to my TV.

  3. i did this and cut it off like u said and now it wont turn back on. i have just a black screen and kodi wont load!!! hellp!!!

  4. I’m able to download my custom images and change my background, but every time I exit I lose my custom image. Any suggestions???

  5. I’ve changed my background pictures but how do you do it so when I backed my build up with usb wizard to put on my other box it puts the new background on as it don’t save the background

  6. Can you PLEASE tell me how to connect Firestick to PC. Have HDMI slot, but doesn’t recognize it. Restart didn’t work. What doing wrong.help

    • you cannot connect the fire stick using the hdmi port on a pc. the hdmi port on PC send video out to a monitor/tv. if you want to transfer files to a fire stick from the PC, use adbfire.


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