How to create shortcuts of your most used xbmc & kodi addons.


    • MurderMost Foul_Band Thanks! Your recommendation worked. I’ve been trying to make the shortcuts stay in place for about 12 hours….then I came across your suggestion. Appreciate!!!

    • Deana Flanigan not really when you’re making changes or new add ons, only when you’re adding short cuts, but they do recommend powering off kodi when you do a new build or even just once a week to make sure your updates are all working properly.

  1. I find your vids so informative and I am using them to teach myself how to navigate through this whole new universe. BUT WHAT WAS YOUR DAM HURRY ON THIS ONE? Seriously, you move so fast that it was very difficult to see and process what you were doing. I had to keep pausing, going back, pausing, move forward, pause, go back and so on.

  2. how do you keep the add-ons on the front like make them stay their without putting them on the front again I cleared my cache then I went back to Kodi none of the icons stay their how you get them to stay

  3. When I go system>addons>install from zip file>mine says begin here, then when clicked it doesnt show the addon installer plugin? It just shows plugin.program.indigo?

  4. i have kodi 17 iam new to this i want to ho back to the original front page of Kodi where you would enter like systems and file manager to put more things in Plus I would like to know how to get rid of openload so I can watch movies thank you for your help you put out good videos

  5. I just upgraded to kodi 17.3 how do I get my home screen set up with the addons at the bottom?


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