The New Lambda replacements is now released to the public


MORE HD on TV Shows and Movies
Plus the added subtitle
People who use real debrid … well the option is there but I didnt use.
Was also surprised that it made primewire link available for me specially when I didn’t use VPN

Enjoy this new Addon for 2016


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  1. Husham, The Kodi Team just released two updates for “The Movie Database” I haven’t installed them yet I don ‘t know if their trying to stop supporting the 3rd party add-ons. What you think should people update it?

    • +rashawn71 take the updates….in spite of the rumors..Kodi.tv doesn’t care about third party addons…they just don’t want anyone misrepresenting/associating third-party addons with the kodi trademark. It doesn’t really affect end users,…but it does affect the YouTubers who were doing kodi videos and showing the kodi logo while installing third party addons. That’s why the push for FMC so that videos of third-party addons could be posted without kodi foundation threatening to sue the YouTubers…

  2. Soo… umm… I accidentally cleared the data on the kodi app and all the addons like exodus got deleted. How do I get them back. Please help

  3. Is your Exodus working? When I try any of the TV channels they all seem to be down. Go to Networks and click on any channel and see if it works. Please let me know if you can figure out what the problem is. Thanks!

  4. Hi lately I’ve been trying use exodus but on tv shows and movies it only opens people watching option, all the other options you can select it says Working on the bottom right screen but never opens. I thought it was my device so i tried several other devices since results Please help….

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  6. Is exodus having issues right now??? The search feature seems to not be working. Same with specto and zen. Any suggestions???

  7. I need some assistance. When I downloaded Exodus i only have movies from 1969 and 1970. Can you help me with this issue?


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