EXODUS! on KODI 17 Secret fix to run like Netflix (2017)

Does your Exodus and other Add-ons take ages to load a film, DO YOU NEVER KNOW WHICH PROVIDER TO PICK, this guide shows you how to make EXODUS run like Netflix, auto play , resume , auto quality etc
if you haven’t got Exodus here is the install guide:

Kodi 17
kodi 16.1

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  1. I would never recommend turning on autoplay because it picks the first possible source and it’s not a guarantee that it’s going to work so in my opinion auto play sucks

  2. Can you please check out my trouble shooting video please. My kodi used to have a background page and selections and my apps were all on the home screen kodi. For the last 2 months it completely changed. I hope you can help. I used to have 4kids for my children and now I have to dig into my files to find the apps. I hope you can help 🙂

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