Please watch: "Install KODI on iPhone and iPad – No Jailbreak, Cydia or cost. In UNDER 5 MINUTES"


Here we have the Fantastic update to the very popular Ezzermans Build on KODI, its coming from the Wookie Wizard Which can be installed via

Head over to the community builds and just below Mega Wookie Build you will see this fantastic build. Enjoy!

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Also check out the website I built for you :


Thank you so much in advance!!


  1. Looks good!! Question. Is there a way I can update the build I already have, which is the version before, without start fresh?

  2. Hi again Mate, looks very nice different from everything else but still very clean.

    Thanks again Mate for all your time and help to all of us.

    PS I sent you an email last week and again just now. That you requested me to do regarding questions on the Widget not sticking.

    Your Awesome Mate
    You take care and
    Thank you again
    God Bless

    • +tito jones sweet thanks for the comment mate. I’ll check my emails and try and get back to you this weekend. Hope you are all good.

  3. If you find fault with anything on my build just tweet me and let me know and i will put it right Thanks for your nice comments EzZeRmAn


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