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Hi guys, welcome to another video tutorial. In this lesson, I’ll show you how to fix a black sauce without playing streams on Kody and all SP MCs, or on droid devices that have been for a while, and then when you start the plexus, open the bottles, but do not load it one model store for you, and then if you continue to play a stream of black sauce or a stream from one of the Adams videos that support the streams, going to select one of the add-on cards of the build-up I “I will be the thread or the La Liga and we will check this stream, suppose that this event, and here are our flows that I will begin from the first, it will give me an arrow or so nice places do not set the seat right inaccessible or invalid, and you see that notifications are not set. I’m going to show you how to fix it, and this is a fix. You need to download a separate plex from GitHub. I’m going to show you the sauce, this is the reason you have encountered this problem, because e github adds TV additions for black sauce, so plex models are not installed when you press and when you click to open your own way of adding plexus, it just loads stupid data models, setting up models for you so in this case, so that you have this fix and worked with your plex, I’m going to show you how to fix what you need to download the plug-in and they need to save thread it on your desktop, and then go to the installation from the zip file. This window will open for you correctly, but before we do, you need to remove the plex program, go completely to black socks, if you have a Plex already installed from a fishing sauce or from an additional installer make sure that you have selected it, go to information and the removal from Kody completely has been removed and now you are going to install a new fixed on your Kody to now go to the Adams system and the solid sliding material in the zip file scroll down where you save the dependent device g to the device you use on my desktops is my own drive c, which when added directly to your download folder, I select my desktop, then I have the program and downloaded to my desktop, so it will be fine where the program of the plexus starts here on my MVP system, no, no, it’s good, yes, the black sock program fixes that it does not matter where you have a lot of add-ons on your desktop, you will find the same problems if you have the same thing on your computer The power supply tunnel is good, so now the plexus m The advice of the Council is good, and I should stop for my poetry and I must find a plexus. Well, it’s just an autonomous addition, so yes, you need to go back to the program, go to the add-in and program the game in order, now we have the plexus installed now, when you open the woven fingers in the order in which you see, I I’m going to do it, I’ll start downloading the streams that it says, so the cast exercises are not installed, it’s all right, tiny studies will normalize you from the sub-caste repository, it’s okay, I’ll do it later, you can do it later, advise it to pop up the same, that that now it loads h and streaming models, so let it finish as soon as you’re done and restart your code and make sure that you have a desktop that you are restarting as the administrator on the other side of the device in which you are ready to go, simply restart the alarm clock and you can start enjoying or starting playing in any spare Plex or stream or stream and just on the move so we just wait until he shows you how it works, just give it about a tray about a minute or two meters away, while he is not all you need is just to be patient and wait until he finishes the affectionate withdrawal, everything works, now you have my thread installed with my plex, all the models are installed correctly for me here, and now I can play any stream in any stream or place this stream in the video and select any of the programs, if you have a logical program, it is also useful for fantastic airflows. I do not play match matches, or they go. I’ll show you how to save this video a little in the next video, so now you’re going to test the string, back to the IPAD meeting in Canada, and I’ve already put it out of this. I’ll include your research, and then move this message after that, if I go ahead and choose, I’ll look, also let’s imagine that the dish teases the high-quality 1080p, it will still give it straight before I start working with the engine’s stream, and then you start to play very seriously when playing streams in Kodi, you may need Rypien to help you get more assets, and Heidi or your credentials on the Internet is just to use the stream without VPN, so we use it, so it glazes him, me and pol’zuyu his own peril and risk, so you can fix here. the line in the spark and working fantasy on Kodi again, so guys, I’ll leave the link on the link below, when you download the dot program to install black socks and install it from the zip file, it will be good to go back. administrator with your own windows, and otherwise you do not need to do this, just reboot the device and start playing any boundary streams that you find on Kodi, so this is for this video lesson. The guys do not forget about this and share more lessons, and I’ll definitely see that you guys are next in what interests you, and Happy Holidays thanks for watching


  1. ok i fixed it i had to go and download acestream engine 3.1.11 and now instead of me getting the plexus modules it just runs threw the engine and the links all work in kodi

  2. Could you please tell me how to download that file onto firestick on kodi 17. I tried but it will not let me. I need a step by step on exactly where in file es explorer do I download it. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you

    • +elyse o Pls follow this steps: Download the file with Es file Explorer, The zip file will be saved in your download folder on your firestick. Now open Kodi and go to install from zip then find your firstick download folder or Es file Explorer folder the plexus fix.zip file should be in there select it to install on kodi.
      Hope this helps you out. Thanks

    • +Jose Estrada Thanks for your comment… Actually i use Raspberry Pie instead of android tv boxes im much more into Advance methods lol…..but Due to increasing amount of comments about fire tv and fire stick… I have decided to order one, as soon as i get my hands on a fire stick or fire tv i will start posting How-to tutorials on this channel. Thanks

  3. So, to make this work on an android TV box, I just download the “Plexus.program.fix.zip”, put it on a usb and connect to the android tv box, and install it, after I have uninstalled the Plexus? then it should work?


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