Exodus has been updated and is running well but it’s the last Update for this Add-on (Probably) In this tutorial I show how to install Exodus on Kodi 17.3

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  1. Hi, nothing is working for me. after I unplugged my power cord to my firestick. None of the addons are working. The artwork is still popping up, What can I do differently?

  2. hello i have the box not the stick. i am unable to connect any files you showed on your videos. what can i do? thank you for your time

    • If the address you entered is 100% and you get that error the only thing it can be is your box is not connected to the internet or your internet service provider is blocking kodi or a firewall or software is blocking kodi. I would check your websafe settings on your isp’s website and make they are switched off.

  3. Hi, everything ran sweetly until browsing the Add-ons in Ares Wizard (v0.0.61) but Exodus is not listed. Any suggestions please?

  4. Do movies get auto added to exodus? What I mean is does he manually update the movies or will there just be no more patches

  5. please help!
    I’ve done it all but go to tv shows and does blue wheel like going to do something and then just stays on page can’t see to select any programs


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