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Note: Hide your IP while watching Kodi –
In this video i show how to install NO LIMITS MAGIC addon on Kodi, in less then 3 minutes.
XBMC / SPMC / FMC Best Builds – Easiest Method Ever

Lawsuits and huge fines in several countries, hide your ip with a VPN:

Link in video:
For Business Inquiries: contact@kodiguide.org

Kodi 16 Jarvis is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.

Also includes Live TV, Free IPTV Stalker, TVAddons and Live Sports. Channels like: CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, C-SPAN, BBC, Bloomberg, PBS, Disney Channel, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Bravo, Toon, TV Land, TNT, TMC, AMC, TBS, FX, Sci-Fi, Science, Discovery, NASA, History, Hallmark, Lifetime, Mystery, SoapNet, Romance, Shopping Network, MTV, Entertainment, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ESPN

Best Video Addons included:
80s Music Videos
All Wrestling
Ares Comedy
Brettus Media
Brettus Streams
Cartoon HD
cCloud TV
Champion Sports
Channel Pear
Classic British Comedy
Cold as Ice
Comic Vine
Community AllSorts
Decado Documentaries
Disney Junior
Entertaiment HUB
Exodus –
Free Movies
GoodFellas –
Hallow Live TV
HD Box
Imperial Streams
Kid’s Movies
Kids Tube
Live Mix
Mikey’s Karoke
Movie Hut
Movie Mix
Movie Vault
NBA Full Games
Now Music
Out of this World
Playbox HD
Pro Sport
Project Cypher
Project M
Pulse Beats
Pulse Fitness
Release HUB
Scene Peeper
Soap Catchup
Specto Fork
Sports Mix
Stream All The Sources (SALTS)
Super Cartoons
The Alpha
The Giddy Up Network
The Great 80s
The Music Source
The Royal We
Tombraider Movies
Top Documentary Films
UK Music Video Jukebox
UK Turk Playlists
UKTV Again
We Love Soaps
We Watch Wrestling
Watch Cartoon Online
White Devil Streams

Best Program Addons included:
Ares Wizard
Addon Installer
Artist Slideshow
Artwork Downloader
Axel Download
Easy Advanced Settings
Echo Wizard / TDB Wizard
Echo TV Guide
Extended Info Module
Facebook Media
Fresh Start
Log Viewer for Kodi
Maintenance Tool
No Limits Wizard
RSS Editor
Specto Themepak
Super Favorites – Review:
Toolbox Script
USB SDCard Wizard
youtube-dl Control


  1. Lots of “add-on is incompatible due to unmet dependencies.
    Would you like to disable it on your system?” Messages. Do you know how to fix it ?

  2. please help…I’ve installed Kodi 16.1 and the problem I’m having is that anything I try to install when I go to “install from zip file” the zip file itself is not listed….I’ve tried installing 3 different add-ons so far including a build and none of the zip files are available to click on…can’t even install Fusion to fresh start Kodi….thanks

  3. hey can u help me?I’ve got everything setup but it keeps saying no limit wizard error when I Try to run it?suggestions pls?

  4. hey, yes i was talking about Plugin.Video.Nolimitswizard but i will try the other URL you posted. Thanks again for your assistance.

  5. installed the second link you suggested and it is not working either, it says no limit wizard error check logs. whats with that George. when i click on no limits its asking me to download again. how fast do you respond to messages

    • George Lungu i still have blue bubble kodi home and i have installed and reinstalled a dozen times? Any suggestions? Please! I was told this whole process should have taken 30 minutes at most, i’ve been working on this for days!

    • No it says installation completed device is getting shut down and then timer starts i tried everything reset/installing kodi again but its not working.

    • George Lungu it’s the same kodi screen you began with. Now I have message: confluence, add on is incompatible due to unmet dependencies, would you like to disable on your system

  6. it didnt give me plugin as an option just all the builds so which should I pick version 4.7? or do I have to have the plugin option to do anything else. It just freezes

  7. hi, just installed No limits on my android tablet. what i wanted to know can i install zem tv, so it can be apart of no limit as i cant see that on No limit?

  8. I tried downloading it and after I added file source I got : Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. What going on?

  9. Hi there just tried to install and it gives an error message your device is an older version and requires updating, how do I update it ?


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