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How To Install XBMC KODI On Raspberry pi 2 or 1 OPENELEC


SD Card Formatter-

Win32 Disk Imager- pi

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  1. Very well explained. I got a raspberry 3 and installed rasbian on it and installed kodi on it. Is this the reason why its a bit slow?

  2. I was just wondering about storage for the pi. Would I need to use a HDD? I have a usb 1tb HDD but it seems nobody really mentions storage when talking about the pi. Does it automatically clean out cache? Stupid question maybe, I’m starting to realise it’s just a small PC… Do people just use sd cards?

    • Most people use sd cards but there are ways to boot from a USB stick or hdd. As for just streaming videos from repositories I just stick with a 32gb ad card.

  3. Do you live in a cave ? can hardly hear you ….turned up my vol so fine..
    What annoyes me about Win32Disk Imager is that then partitions the card leaving 14.3gb unallocated space… this is probably why Rens Kalkman has slow speed…

  4. For some reason this is NOT working for me. I followed the vid instruction to a “T” PI would not boot.
    yes, there was power to it. i could see the lights on the board. I know it work before.

  5. Hi ETA PRIME first many thanks for all video, you rock 🙂 please you can make a video to install Kodo 16.1 into android 6.0.1 Raspberry pi 3? I really appreciate it if you can!



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