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This video will show you how to repair any issues you are having with broken or missing addons or their repositories. Specifically in this video I show you how to fix 1channel as though it was broken or did not install properly. By removing the addon first then its repo and reboot xbmc; then install 1channel repo using fusion installer and force refreshing the repo so that the addon files are correctly downloaded… installing and enabling 1ch plug are is the last steps before testing it and verifying that the addon now works as it should. (This applies to most repos and addons that are not working for you but seem to be for others meaning you have an issue on your end that is easily fixable).

Whiskey on the Mississippi
By Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  1. fusion doesn’t work for me help please it just keeps saying can’t connect to network server even though my wifi connection is fine!

    • +OneTechGenius (XBMC HELPER)

      I actually like how fast it goes! Some of these tutorial guys just waste so much time repeating themselves and just not getting to the point quick enough! Besides its a video, you can pause and rewind.

    • +OneTechGenius (XBMC HELPER) I also like how you did the video. One of the really cool features of this newfangled technology is the ability to pause and/or rewind. Jay apparently didn’t get the memo.

    • Very old video most of my latest are much easier to follow so feel free to look at them too as they will also have updated info

  2. ol your funny this is not working just that section latest movie genres
    nothing works only search it was working way fine if this keeps
    happening with addons keeping braking i wil leave kodi and go back to
    hulu netflix this is fucking bullshit evryaddon that is awsome specto
    1channel exodus are not loading up the submenu of genres etc only
    searching i need to search manually evrytime what a fucking bullshit of
    those addon makers

  3. wow, dude are you trying to break a record on how fast you can talk or move? Just like the guy below you lost me, I won’t recommend you for help.

  4. maybe do a video on an ‘actual’ broken repo, not ‘fixing’ a non broken repo. ive tried this on 4/5 broken repos and after it all…. theyre still broken

  5. I’m getting this message in adbLink when try to backup my FireStick! Any help would be appreciated. I want to replicate one stick onto another,

  6. WTF !!! ….I mean WTF!!! is up with the speed of these instructions ??? Find your mom’s Valium take several and PLEASE do it at a normal rate. While I do appreciate your effort to help us, these instructions are totally useless.

  7. I have a huge question!! What if when you un install the repository and then when you go back to re download it in fashion it’s gone. I can’t find it.

  8. This video is great! Those who are saying it’s too fast: simply pause the video, complete your step, and press play again. Thank you for your help, OTG.


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