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  1. Just for reference…there’s a quicker way. Just click the ‘Star’ Icon on the lower left hand corner of the Home Page & it will bring up any Favorites you added to Exodus. You can add favorites to Exodus by clicking ‘c’ button (for macs)…not sure what the menu button is for windows.

    • Tena Golding one thing people fail to know is that if you have more than one firestick, the saved trak info can transfer to multiple firestick devices in the home instead of individually saving the movies or shows one by one. another thing is if your firestick breaks or you have to reinstall kodi then your saved shows and movies will still be there also. easier is sometimes not better in the long run.

    • K…good to know. I was recently trying to figure out how to save my shows using Kodi on a Mac & stumbled upon this method so I just thought I would share. Thx!

  2. I’m from Germany and it worked great. Now i can watch my favourite Tv Shows, without searching for it.
    thanks a lot.

  3. I don’t understand. I have a favorites list on Kodi/Exodus… but I do not have a trakt account. I am trying to figure out how to edit that favorites list… any one know what I mean?


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