Kodi Krypton Addons

In this video, I’ll show you How To Install the Exodus Addon for Kodi 17 (Krypton) on a Raspberry Pi 3.Grab your own Raspberry Pi 3 Kit here:

I recommend using PIA Private Internet Access VPN when streaming video using Exodus:

Here’s what you will need to install Exodus Addon on a Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Recommended (Links Below)
Kodi 17.0 Krypton using the following distros:
LibreELEC Krypton v8.0.0 + or OSMC 2017 +
Minimum 8GB + Micro SD Card (Links Below)

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Exodus Repository Install URL:

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  1. Oy mate, i have an issue with getting echo wizard. The link to repo is dead, or i can’t connect to it anymore.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    • Echo Wizard is now known as Echo Coder and has joined the TV Addons Repo. Not sure on it’s future but that’s why the link to the repo is dead.

    • TechWizTime Great My mom is gonna Buy a Raspberry PI 3 for my birthday and still It will take some time Till then I am waiting For Now 😛

  2. Just curious, has exodus been taken over by a new editor since the big botnet thing that happened? There was a big issue with the developer adding code to attack servers because someone threatened to expose his real life info. And he stopped working on the addon when it came to light he had done that.

    • Yes. The original author of Exodus left after the Bot Net debacle. TV Addons would be monitoring their code pretty closely now I would say 🙂

  3. I got a preloaded noobs sd card, installed raspian . I am trying to get Kodi and I guess it will require me to go back into noobs to download. What do I do?

    • I tried downloading a Kodi package from the addons but not knowing which one I just chose the top. After download to install it required a password for my user pi, I tried several and failed… went to setup and change password but it requires old password which was never set at install.

  4. THANK YOU! I have searched and searched for this. Some video’s just go to fast,(even pausing sometimes don’t help) and /or explain to fast, there mouse and mouth are racing to the finish line. After dicking around with this most of the day, you solved my problem.
    THANK YOU!>>>>>>> THANK YOU!>>>>>>>> THANK YOU! Im number 55 on your like button.

  5. Hi Techwiz just new at this by the way great vidz great job very well detailed..How do i install new kodi 17 on raspberry 3 please.. Cheers..

  6. I previously had the exodus on my pi, but for some reason it disappeared. I thought this might help me to re-install, but it keeps “installation failed.” What can I do to fix this?


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