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This guide shows you the Install Kodi Zip File process (2 easy methods).

See the written version of this tutorial at

We first install the Kodi Addon Installer and then use the Addon Installer to install Exodus.

Then we use the fusion zip file to install an individual TV Addon in Kodi.

Questions? Ask in the comments! I usually reply 😉

Here's the full written version of this video:

Install Kodi Zip File

– Launch Kodi
– Go to SYSTEM in the Kodi main menu
– Select File Manager
– Select the "Add Source" button
– Select the box on the screen that says "None".
– Enter the address " ", without the – quotation marks, into the "None" box.
– Click Done
– Select the empty box below the address you just entered. The empty box is the Name for this new file source you're adding to Kodi right now.
– Enter a name in the box, such as "f" for fusion installer.
– Click Done.
– Click OK.
– Return to the Kodi homescreen by pressing Escape on your keyboard, or on Fire TV use the "back" button.
– In the Kodi main dashboard ("home") menu, select SYSTEM — AddOns
– Select Install From Zip File
– In the File Browser screen that appears, select the new File – Source you added in the previous steps (named "f" for fusion installer).
– Then select "start-here" to navigate into the /start-here/ folder.
– Now select the "addon.installer.vX.X.zip" file. (The "X.X" denote the current version of the addon installer.)
– The Addon Installer will now be installed in Kodi. You'll know this is complete when you see a notification in the bottom right corner of Kodi that says "Add-On Enabled: AddOn Installer".
– Return to the Kodi home screen.
– Go to PROGRAMS — Add-On Installer
– After the AddOn Installer launches, select Featured Addons.
– Under Featured Addons, select the icon of any TV Addon you'd like to install. After that, you simply select the icon that says "Install (TVAddon Name Here)" to install individual TV Addons.
– After an individual TV Addon is installed, launch it by returning to the Kodi home screen.
– Then go to VIDEOS — Add-Ons.
– Finally, select the name of the TV Addon you installed to launch the TV Addon!

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  1. when I add fusion and try to install from zip the zip is empty please help before my smith & wesson fixes it for me. I’m on my android phone


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