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This video will go through installing a fresh copy of Kodi on your raspberry pi. We will then go through the general setup and get the wireless up and running.

For more information on getting started with Kodi and the addons like Genesis and Turk TV, please feel free to visit our site for more tutorials at:


    • I have a home wifi tower, idk if that makes a difference, my pops used this b4 and said he had no problem with wifi but idk if he plugged in sumthin extra or not

    • +alexander rodrgiues. are you using a raspberry pi? if that doesn’t have a WiFi adapter plugged in you will have to connect it via an ethernet cable directly into your Internet hub. If OpenELEC doesn’t give an option for WiFi it normally means that there is no WiFi adapter connected or it does not have a driver for your adapter. if this doesn’t help please post back with as much info as poss about your setup and we will find a way around it buddy

  1. Hi, I know this video has been long but I have been searching for this tutorials for months now so you are a life saver.Please can educate me on how to tether my tablet data to connect my MXQ tv box running on openELEC.On this video you mentioned that you will make another video on tethering.Help please as I do take my box on outside work where I only have my tablet for internet.Thanks mate.

    • +agaptus ikemefule hi buddy, just wanted to double check with you. What make of tablet do you have and does it have a mobile Internet connection (like a mobile phone). I was also wondering if you were looking to connect your kodi system to your tablet with a hotspot? Is that what you meant?

    • +Freedawn you are correct. like I said previously I have samsung tab 2 with direct access on it. just trying to connect the data from the tab to the box running openELEC. am not bordered how I get the box running through my tablet but I have tried tethering but not finding the androidAP on the box. maybe am still need to enable something on the box. please don’t forget the video.

    • hi Freedawn Home as you rightly said there was problem with this video. Please can you give me something. The cideo was breaking up as some point its blank/black.
      Again do you have site where I can get firmware of epenelec as I want to boot my box…MXQ 111

  2. +Freedawn home thanks a lot for making out your time to reply. The device is Galaxy tab 2.
    That tutorial/video will be a massive help for me so I can connect to my openELEC mxq OTT box.
    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi!! Please help right at minute 4:47 my kodi on my television screen does not show anything when i click connections. why is this? it is just an empty screen. please help me you’re the only youtube video i’ve seen that is helpful. thank you very much!

    • Hey, if you aren’t seeing anything it could be for a couple of reasons. do you have a wireless dongle? if so try taking out and popping it back in again. if you don’t….that would be an issue. where did you get the wireless dongle? is it part of the set? you could try going to networks, can you see an option for wireless? can you select it and deselect it by clicking on it? if you can’t see wireless and just wired that could mean your wireless dongle isn’t supported.

      first try clicking on wireless active under network. and taking the dongle out then back in. if that doesn’t help, please let me know exactly what kind of setup you have and we will try something else ? I’m about to go to bed but will be back online tomoz

    • First of all thank you for replying so quickly!

      Yes it does show Wireless, i can click on it and activate and deactivate it. And i do not have a wireless dongle (i had to google what that was). I’m guessing i should buy that first?

      Any suggestions on which wireless dongle i should get?

      I have the raspberry pi 3 model b vi.2

      Thanks for your help!

    • Yeah there is one that will Def work with a pi, it’s like a £10 from the raspberry pi site is it OK if I send you a link tomoz if you can’t find it. if you go to the raspberry pi site shop they have them there. but you will need one to get that working, unfortunately they don’t have them inbuilt yet

  4. Hi just bought a Roku 3 and installed kodi Jarvis on my computer with windows 10, I am with Sky Broadband and kodi says it is connected to the internet but each time I try and install an add on I keep getting an error message saying it can’t connect to network – sorry coz your from the Uk and I didn’t know who else to try it’s driving me insane. Thanks Jane

    • How To Earn Money Online!! hi there. it’s not a problem I hope I can help. OK first things first. have you watched the vid from 4 mins as this goes through connecting to the WiFi. are you using a WiFi connection or a cable connection? when you go to connections on Kodi, do you see any available networks? if you are trying to connect to WiFi, do you have a WiFi dongle installed in your device? sorry I know it’s a lot of questions but just need to get as much info so we can get you sorted 🙂

  5. help someone set up kodi for me but they did not add nfl or paperview so I decide to do it by myself BIG HUGE MISTAKE I downloaded the applications they said tried to use them and nothing happened so I left them there I saw that some of the newest movies weren’t playing they would just have the movie thumbnail so I tried updating it and now my kodi does not work I cannot see any of the app I have and the wifi says connected with problems help please

  6. so my Internet connections come up, yet when I click on my own, it comes up with an error message saying ‘network error, invalid arguments’. do you know what this could be?:)

    • Wuvbenalive33 if you can’t see you ssid, this might mean your wifi device is not working correctly. do you have Any other devices connected to your home wifi? can your phone see your ssid? Just gotta do some fact finding and troubleshoot basics first ?

    • Freedawn Home we are now trying to connect and it’s giving us a network error but says ready..is my kodi junk or sumtin.lol everything was showing up right but when we were trying to put in password it was giving us the invalid arguments error. then when we did connect it gave us a network error but still connected. lol

    • Wuvbenalive33 are you able to do a hotspot from your mobile phone and see if you can connect to that. that will help us determine if it is an issue with the WiFi router or kodi.

      under settings you will have an option for connection. then under there you will see wifi active. click that to turn wifi off and then select it back on again, test again.

      unplug wifi dongle from your kodi device and reinsert, test.

      check to see if your wifi is wpa2 and maybe simplify the password to number and letter (if not already).

    • jay m ah right is this to be installed on your Mac? and not a raspberry pi? one sec let me have a look for you. we will need to do this differently ?

    • jay m ah right is this to be installed on your Mac? and not a raspberry pi? one sec let me have a look for you. we will need to do this differently ?

    • try to do this first. it may be a security feature of Mac. this should only be done with software you are sure where they have come from. the packages are from the official site but feel free to go to the official site


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