In this tutorial I show you how to install Exodus Redux in Kodi 18.2 , this is the newest update for Exodus in kodi the best add-on for movies and tv shows that existed in kodi you can use this addon on firestick without issues. Exodus 2019 is back

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  1. I've used Exodus on Kodi box, before it started not working, over a year ago, is this different now? Also, if I use IPvanish, which I already subscribe to, and it requires me to verify connection, with a code from a URL, I can't use my iPad, as I'm on a different IP address?

  2. I’m not sure if anyone will see this, I went along with this video up till the vpn thing and some of the movies are trailers instead, and sometimes they’ll be the movie then next time I click It it’s the trailer

  3. Thankyou hey not sure if left bad msg before but ive changed my mind. This all worked great 2nd time. U did great job. I do want to say Express vpn is the best. Ive used the one u used i got hacked with it. Express no problems. Connects perfect worth $12.99mth.

  4. Another great video from you NTR!…thanks!

    I’ve tried numerous builds on KODI and the one build I used to depend on was EXODUS. Because it had the Lambda Scrapers built in and I was always able to find a playable link to whatever I wanted to watch.
    Ah but now….I’ve been through several builds and they all have the same thing in common…

    NO KODI BUILDS (and I’ve tried more than 1/2 dozen builds and I’m getting real good at deleting KODI and starting over😉) WILL GIVE ME A PLAYABLE LINK TO WWE WRESTLING….NONE!!


    ***NOTE***. I’m not interested in watching it live, and I cannot find any app or program that will let me watch Wrestling.

    I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this.


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