kodi krypton 17 all addons in one easy install no need builds this is run fast juste add this source
kodi box promotion
and i show you how to install it on my video
I show you the complete setup guide for KODI or XBMC. I include how to install the most popular Repositories which in turn give you access to the most popular, Addons, Programs, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games,anything you could imagine from a Complete Entertainment System!
I guide you through it and show you the best. Then at the end I show you how you can install a complete configured working KODI build with all the features already set up for you!
Please, if anything does not work or if you would like anything else covered, give me a comments and will help you out as much as I can.
WARNING Some of these addons may allow you to view media that you may not own or have access to. This is illegal in some countries and you should only use and view any media that you have consumer rights to do so. Most countries allow you to view or use your digital good. This tutorial simply shows a simple way to organize all your digital goods using the KODI app.KODI in no way have anything to do with many of these features added, is used simply as a OS to navigate with ease!
Step by step, configuration of Kodi XMBC.
Fully Installed and configured in front of your eyes.
Great program and very very useful.
KODI is an amazing program but it can be complicated to setup the 1st time. Here we use a Configuration Wizard which sets many popular ,programs, icons, favorites and even a cool background.
Watch HD Movies and TV Shows on Kodi with one click!
PLUS all the MUSIC that you can think of!
Including some LIVE TV as an extra bonus!
Now …
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Enjoy guys
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    • Electro-Light-Symbolism-NCS-Release___CRWE-L45k this is the music background just copy and paste this link on youtube thank you for watching my video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and share my video with your friends

  1. I have this version installed and now sports devil and pretty Much all of the live TV add ons are not working. keeps saying check log. I installed kodi log but can’t find it . what’s going on, is anyone else having issue with live TV?

  2. after adding fusion and naming it i got a notification saying …couldnt retrieve directory information this could be due to the network not being connected would you like to add it anyway…. and I’ve checked my internet connection and it’s a good. idk what else to do


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