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Another new addon called Kodi Pro Sport that can have you up and running to watch live NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

View our written tutorial here:

First things first, install the Fusion addon by watching this video here:

We hope you enjoy this simle guide on how to get up and running with one of the latest addons to watch live sports in Kodi.

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  1. I just bought a Fire TV Stick 2014 yesterday and was able to set up a few of the apps, including Live Sports, using other tutorials. The picture and sound quality of the football game last night was horrible and I was so discouraged. But today I followed your tutorial just in time to view Live NFL, the Packers vs Cowboys! (BTW, I was born in Denver and raised a Bronco fan, but still like to watch other NFL teams.) Thank you so much for guiding me to this program — the game looks great!

    • Suz Remus Hi, thinking about buying a fire stick, does this work with NBA games and have good quality? Also is it worth buying?

    • It is def worth buying. You’ll have to get a game controller. Then just join the open and free source geeks and you’ll find a lot of entertainment for its value. I love it. Youtube tutorials is the secret.

    • Oh…  Trevor, it DOES work for Sports … I bought it for watching the NFL! Going to the bar was driving me crazy!  I found Mobdro to work great!

    • hawtstickybun I believe I’m running 1.6 but I notice Phoenix velocity we royal Pro Sports and more are not working properly anymore has to do with Comcast is controlling Xfinity now.. do I have to upgrade to 1.7?

    • hawtstickybun yes I did the upgrade 1.7 and some of the add-ons are actually working again, but there are still some add-ons not functioning correctly like they were doing last year.. Thanks

  2. there’s no WNBA woman’s basketball in the fire tv if there’s a addonn can some please post it in the comment section


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