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From the Emmy-winning creator of #SamuraiJack – Genndy Tartakovsky’s #Primal comes to #AdultSwim on October 7.

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Lunch | Genndy Tartakovky’s Primal | adult swim


  1. This looks like its going to make a really interesting story, the dinosaur's actions were a cold instinctual one rather than trying to force a human sense of morality or thought on them like Jurassic world did(aka dino dog pets). The dinosaur got to the kill first, it was hungry, it ate, it doesn't know what sharing is or have any concept of rights beyond the strong rule. That's not to say it's stupid but its just fundamentally a different animal than a human and acts as such. I hope this dynamic is explored more throughout the series because it really solidifies the darker tone of the show.

  2. The moment the dinosaur spotted the caveman running nearby, I thought it would go after him. Why didn't the dinosaur hunt the caveman instead? Do cavemen taste that awful? Or it was a clever scheme to pursuit the boar without actually attacking it, knowing that the caveman would bring it down from afar and it would be easy to steal?

  3. Dinosaurs went extinct at 66 million years ago and Neanderthal appeared at 400,000 years ago. There is plently of cool megafauna from that period to use but using dinos is kind of lazy. The only reason mammals exist is because giant reptiles disappeared otherwise they be hunted to extinction.


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