New Indigo Addon! Simple How to install Tutorial, and a quick look.

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I am in no way associated with Kodi or any addons for Kodi.
I only made this as a tutorial on how to use it.
Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. This content is not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. Furthermore, any software, addons, or products shown/offered by this content will receive no support in official Kodi channels, including the Kodi forums and various social networks.


  1. Very good video tutorial my friend……just like you to know my friend Kraz that i agreed with you i like more 16.1……i was checking 17.0 kripton and i dont like it……they took out some future that 16.1 has… for example like to put bakground and short cut videos addons……when you put the confluence one tha bring the krpton 17.1…..that when you change to confluence……to santuary to confluence……i will like you to know that…..chek it …if im not making a mistake….correct me…..take care and God bless you..

  2. I tried the Confluence Skin in Kodi 17 and it didn’t work, and I tried the Estuary Skin in Kodi 17 and that didn’t work either. So I guess what you are saying is the only way to use those Maintenance Tools is to use Kodi 16? I checked out Kodi 18 Leia and those Maintenance Tools are back again??? Looks like Kodi 18 is going to be better than Kodi 17. I have not heard from “anyone at all” that likes Kodi 17, or at least the Estuary Skin in Kodi 17, yes, that’s more like it, it’s the Estuary Skin that’s the problem. Oh KRAZ, thanks for answering my question so quickly, I do appreciate it. You might know the answer to this also; When you allow 3rd party addon’s and you have installed everything that you desire, should you then go back and disable the 3rd party addon’s, or do 3rd party addon’s have to stay enabled in order to use Kodi???

    • Kodi 17 and Estuary Skin kinda blows. Too glossy and no Soul. I went back to the Highway man with the 25 movie addons set. works great on my Nvidia Shield

    • Uuummm??? Please explain ‘the Highwayman’ and you are lucky to have an Nvidia Shield, I have 2 boxes and they are both not very good unless you install “very little” on them so they don’t get phynicy? finicy? (don’t know which spelling is correct?). My brand new T95z-plus almost died completely last evening. Should have saved my money and got an Nvidia Shield too. Thanks again for your reply, I do ‘very muchly’ appreciate your help.

  3. To many exploiting our KODI community now that there has been huge busts all over the place in the U.K and good enough hope they catch all the rest of the Box sellers .and sellers of cheap IPTV when KODI is not designed to run Live Tv for no more than 3-hours then it goes off , please do not purchase there cheap IPTV because if you get caught your fucked now in the Uk if you purchase cheap Iptv or boxes you will get done . Use KODI to stream but do not break the law regarding Live Tv be there out now to get you because these so called helpers on YT are in it for themselves to sell cheap Iptv for here in it for themselves .
    If you watch free Iptv your alright but the min you purchase your breaking the law here in the U.K. the only guys that will get done are the idiots that are giving away free Iptv , it is on top and they are going to stop our KODI thanks to all the sneaky Iptv and box sellers we need to get them out , use a pic to run KODI much faster and better .

  4. im trying to install the config wizard in indigo and the download wont complete. it freezes at either 19% or 50%..what should i do?

  5. Indigo doesn’t seem to be working on my 16.1 install . You have 1.0.1 and mine is 1.0.4. Any idea why it won’t work on marshmallow android tablet? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


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