hi guys a quick look and tutorial to install the new titan v2, one of the best addons for kodi 16 jarvis and includes , cinema movies, hd movies, 3d movies, 4k content, stand up comedy, documenteries & anime



  1. I am new to Kodi but your videos have helped me get up to speed quickly. Your videos are informative and considerate of your audience. Also, I love your build. It has to be one of the best kept secrets on Kodi. I have not seen any reviews by the other youtubers. Their loss. Keep up the great work, thanks.

  2. I downloaded the Schism Addons Repository and also checked for updates, but there’s nothing inside when I click on it.

  3. I’ve got it installed and updated and I am using your hyper tt build but when i open Titan it says it will not work because I may have things related to Spartanpixel

    • +Sean Patton you need to do a fresh start (posted a video for this yesterday) and then install my latest build. Titan will then work! ?

  4. When you clicked on the 3D, it said you was SD. Is that quality of the 3D movies, if so that’s shitty quality. Rather torrent

  5. When I click on the repository it comes up with a message saying “Could not connect to repository” (btw I’m using android)


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