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*****LEGAL: This video was made for educational reasons only. We have no ties to any of the companies outlined in this video and make no claims to ownership of such. We show no copyrighted content what so ever in the making of this video*****
I have had so many people asking for a simple setup of XBMC and Kodi that I wanted to put this together for you guys and I hope that if you enjoy this tutorial you take a moment to Donate to my channel if you can all proceeds go back into my channel to all me to create more great content for my viewers .
www.kodi.tv for Kodi.

Link to Boxes for Kodi that I personally recommend:
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Recommended 1st choice Matricom Box:

Recommended 2nd choice Economy M8S Box:


  1. What the best live tv add on and also is there and addon that streams the red zone channel I had to cancel my nfl ticket on my directv way to expensive

  2. I have installed this wizard many times and this is the first time I have received a config wizard error. It starts to download and after a long while it gives a config wizard error and no download is there. Please help

    • Not positive, but I think the problem is my internet service. Im in the process of downloading kodi again and it’s taking forever. So thank you in advance. Great subscription

  3. I have winodws 10 and I installed Kodi and installed Fusion. When I scroll around from Pictures, videos etc. I am seeing new items when I am in music but when I go to video Exodus and all other windows are not showing up? Is this a problem with windows 10?

  4. I was surprised at just how well a bluetooth mouse worked with my android box. It was a huge upgrade from the standard i.r remote it came bundled with.

  5. I have a android tv box and I can’t install fusion . I when through all the step and I still can’t get anything…..please help.


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