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Yes, it’s definitely possible to use AirPlay with OSMC (Kodi) on the Raspberry Pi 2 from your iPhone or iPad. Viewing Videos from your phone, Safari (Mobile), and even GIFs are all possible. Plus, I’ll show you what happens when you try to load a youtube video via AirPlay. Check it out!


  1. Try this .

    Gotosettings , disable zeroconf , and airplay .

    Then restart kodi and iphone. Open kodi again then enable zeroconf and airplay again ,

    Mine works on youtube , whatsapp , tubex . Many more . Hope it helps

  2. What on earth does an android app have to do with airplay on kodi? If someone wants to play to airplay from kodi an android app should have no bearing/involvement.

  3. Can’t connect to my raspberry pi B. Tried with my macbook air and my iPad. I can see the mini on mirror list but when I try to connect it says “cannot connect to the ‘Apple TV’. Signal is too weak.”

    My computer and iPad are in the same room within 0,5 from the raspberry pi, the router, the tv and it still doesn’t work. I have changed memory split to 256 and it still doesn’t work.

    EDIT: Now I got something! It says apple tv but it should not say apple tv. I have been trying to connect to someone elses apple tv.. At least now I know where the problem is.


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