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OSMC has released their first stable version of their Open Source Media Center (OSMC), and it’s just about one of the easiest Media Centers installs out there.
I’m going to show you what you need to do to get this set up and going, and what to look out for during the install.

Download Link:


    • +Daniel Olsson One of the main features of OSMC is the App Store. You can install things like Transmission, or a Web Browser. They should be adding more apps as time passes. There’s also the ability to use the device as a Hotspot.

  1. Excellent review and guideline to setting up OSMC. Really good quality of video. I just ordered my own raspberry pi 2 and I’m looking forward to installing OSMC.

    • +MintVideos hahaha, I’m starting to play a little bit with the Pi, I just get one for my birthday. I’m already get some struggles with the osmc. I’m a Information System Student in the UTN – Cordoba currently on my 2nd year. With a Profesor we want to do some IoT project with the Pi probably, Do you like to give us a little inside into the Raspberry Pi world?

  2. this video was allot simpler than i thought, i just need to wait for my parts for my NAS build and i’ll have a working cheap HTPC working, thank u!! (if i could smack that like button a thousand times i would haha)

  3. Hi, I’m stuck because I initially chose the wrong language. How do I change to englsh? I have Arabic which I cannot read.

    • +Charles Voner If you know how to SSH into the device, you can run the following commands to reset those settings:

      You can SSH into the pi from another computer by running the following commands from a Terminal prompt if you’re on Mac (Putty if you’re on windows).

      command: ssh osmc@ipaddress
      Password is: osmc

      Then run:
      sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
      rm .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
      sudo systemctl start media center

      Hope that helps.

    • +MintVideos thanks.I have a Hackintosh that may work. The only other way is to overwrite my SD card I assume and start over.
      I have Raspian and XMBC all set on there so I would rather try this.

  4. My opinion: the installation sucks
    everything (finding+downloading+writing the image to the sd card, booting the Pi, …) was fine until the configuration started automatically and stopped at showing the license again and again… I guess that’s caused by the fact that the network is not available yet because the wireless module is not recognized. But I can not fix that because the f-ing system blocks the console by restarting the “show the license” process.

    Anyway: thanks for the video. Now I know that it will not work until I moved my TV / I bought a longer ethernet cable. -.-‘

  5. YOU GUYS!! I am really ANNOYED by these videos where you ramble on and on and on about something that you have no control over. Get over it! I’m trying to follow your instructions. Stop whining, dude!

  6. Probably a bit late to comment on this, but to the best of my knowledge SSIDs in Linux land are treated in a case-sensitive manner; so complaining that the Pre-entered info doesn’t work seems silly; you type elweefee – what you selected later was ElWeeFee … just saying.

  7. I NEED to know how to get Netflix. I promised I would get Netflix, but no videos are helpful. Can you at least, show me a YouTube video that shows how?

  8. I’m trying to install KMedia (Kodi) and this video is basically you installing and setting up OSMC. Waste of time title your videos properly to what information you contain in them.

    • +Corey Terhaar OSMC is the Operating System and Kodi the software that runs on it, and KMedia is an addon that gets installed onto Kodi. I dont think there’s anything wrong with the title.

  9. Late to the OSMC game but just did this with my pi3, looking for addition type features. I’m running a samba share, map it inside osmc as a source and stream content locally. I’ve been pretty impressed with the performance. I’ve been using xbmc for while and tried a few devices like ouya, minix, and some other no name android boxes for dedicated HTPC/Kodi machines. Good video have you considered making an Openvpn or Tor router?


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