raspberry pi 3 kodi

Testing Raspberry Pi 3 as a Home Theatre PC with XBian and Kodi 16.1.
Due to copyright I can’t show you the more better performing HEVC videos of TV programs / movies.



  1. So in conclusion, just buy yourself an Apple TV.
    Works beautify right out of the box.

    • +BlackoutWorm yeah i love spending about 4 times as much. and about 6 times if top of the line one.

  2. I am getting tempted to run Plex on my server / NAS. However I dont like having my NAS port forwarded through the NAT. I just wonder if you have considered Plex. It would also enable me to share stuff with a friend. They got clients for all platforms. Atm I use SAMBA with a few Kodi boxes and other video players on my Ipad. However I have to use NAS locally or via my OpenVPN if I go mobile.

  3. It seems like something I would really enjoy having but I’m not going to have a TV for the next few years given my minimal living situation. I still continue to be amazed by the capability of this Pi 3 though.

  4. Nice! HEVC is a must for future proofing though, I was wondering bout the R3’s capability to play HEVC, think I’ll go for the Odroid C2. Thanks!

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