raspberry pi 3 kodi

*Movie/Tv show plugin
*10 bit video/x265 720p 1080p playback

Specto source url:
Kodi: Openelec 6.0.3:
Yatse Remote:

Have fun!


  1. Hi +Bart, i go to buy a Raspberry pi for movies in TV. You recommend buy the version 2 or 3? I say this because the new version may have failures…. or not? the price is similar…
    Thank you.

  2. I’m checking out the Pi, no I haven’t got one yet. I’m looking to create a media centre. The one thing I haven’t been able to figure out yet is the Live TV part. First, does the Pi 3 input analog or digital tv? Second, is there an epg for the Pi? Three, how easy is it to setup for live tv, I haven’t found any videos (yet) on this.

    • The only input, which will provide you live tv, that you can achieve is via the internet.

      Just search for Live TV Kodi.

    • +Derek Martin
      It’s possible, however I do not recommend it to a beginner as it is quite complicated as far as I know. You could check on the official website of Raspberry PI in the forum, I’m sure they´ll give you an easy instruction for that.

    • +Botan E. Thanks for that, I guess it depends on what you define “beginner” as. The Pi, yes, computers, definitely not. I run a mythtv setup on a computer I built, has been used for many years. Thought I would give this a go. The Pi now has become more “interesting” bluetooth and wifi built in, definitely ticks the boxes. Can’t wait for it to arrive so I can tinker with it. But yes, I’ll check out the forums see if I can find the answers.

  3. I got a community challenge for you!
    Using the Raspberry Pi 3, and Retropie.. See if you can get the game Daggerfall running with a usb controller..

  4. When I add the source, then go onto add from zip file and click on film kodi, nothing is inside the folder, could you please help me ? Thanks

  5. Plz help I can’t see any files in the repo. It looks empty. I double checked the URL it’s correct. Though it’s not 6.0.3, but 7.0 beta 3.

  6. Hi, I can’t connect the raspberry with my smart tv. I already installed the things like you’ve said in your video but when I put in the HDMI cable nothing appears. I tried every HDMI channel.

  7. Thanks for the video but I have a question, can I use a different audio source like pluging in my computer speakers instead of relying on the tv’s speakers?

  8. I’ve tried openelec and libreelec on Pi3. Both played movies just fine but bbc iplayer and live tv (also BBC) plays for a few seconds before the video stutters and the audio vanishes. Anyone here experienced this and managed to overcome it. I’m going to try OSMC next. Nice video BTW.


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