raspberry pi 3 kodi

In this video I will show you how to install my latest build which is a Triple-Boot of RetroPie v4.0.2, Raspbian and KODI (choose from OpenELEC, OSMC or LibreELEC).

I have tried to make it as short as I could but it is still quite a long and boring video… sorry! 😉

Link to this particular build can be found below:


  1. Hey Steve. Can you tell me the name of the program in you icon tray with the upside down triangle? Thanx for your work on this video too. #Respect

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I got this build working and really like it. I would like to run this build on my professional monitor. I have all the hardware to do it (vga hat board and sync combiner) but i am having trouble finding the config file so i can tell the rpi to output analog 240p. Does anyone know how i can access the config file to do this?

    • maybe u find what u want there

      sudo nano /boot/config.txt

      but I suppose you have too fix this for each one of the partitions

    • thanks for the advice. But I moved on to another build. I got it working pretty good….except for Kodi which only outputs in 240p 🙁

  3. I install this and for some reason, all OS’s work except for retropie. And, my SNES30 isnt detected by Kodi =( Any chance of a newer version?

  4. I ran into an issue where retropie after being updated no longer will launch openelec or raspbian and restarting the device skips OS Selection and boots directly into retropie rendering this build absolutly useless. Any ideas?

  5. i need some help, i installed everything and it all worked great but i set it to auto launch into kodi and a while ago i reset the kodi settings which removed the retropie and raspbian shortcuts so now i can’t open those programs.
    how do i add those two shortcuts again?

    • Hugo Ibarra yea me too but like you i dont know a whole lot about this, so ive been googling and asking in forums with no result so i think reinstalling is the fastest and easiest way atm. can’t remember what but i changed some settings i couldnt change back and restored everything without thinking

    • Hugo Ibarra I’ve seen that before, sadly that only works in specific skins since all skins don’t have those custom shortcut settings

  6. OMG, why couldn’t I have found your images two days ago? I’ve been trying to make Raspian, Kodi, and RetroPie play nice on one installation. This is SOOOO much better.

  7. So im having a problem , i set retropie to use all available space by setting maximized to “true”… that being said when i install everything it shows on my retropie space i only have 6.6G space available… in my dev/root… how do i make it to use up the rest… cause on libreelec and raspbian i set limits…

  8. Hello,I have been having trouble booting into raspbian from kodi… I have setup to always boot into kodi but when I try to switch over to raspbian the booting script runs then ends on a blinking cursor

  9. Can Zero W handle this? I would like to have a Triple Boot of Raspbian/Kodi/Retropie for a Zero W if possible. It’s for a Car Entertainment Center

  10. OS don’t show from USB stick. As many others have already mentioned. 16G FAT32 done on SD formatter with the full OS folder on the stick.

  11. sorry, new to all this, I currently have my PI3 installed to a 7inch touch screen monitor, how can I get the screen to rotate?


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