Kodi Krypton Addons

this Kody video is for IPTV Romanian channels follow along okay let’s get started over the file manager click on file manager you have to go down to where it says add source click on the add source once you click on add source you’re going to go to where you have to add the URL L click in the following and put this HTTP address as on the screen type in exactly s so once you put this in you’ll be ready to move on to the next step giving you a little time here you have to pause the video you can pause the video and we are going to move on right about now to the next step click done give it a name click OK once you click OK it’s going to save it under the name you gave it and you’re going to go back to the home button click on the little home button go to your system click system go to add-ons click on the add-ons icon and now you’re going to go install from zip you’re going to have to click the install from zip ok now you’re going to look for the one that you just put in whatever you named it and go down to that and you’re going to click on it click on that zip file and now you’re going to go over to the repository and you’re going to click on that it’s going to install it and now you’re going to go and see as it says add-on is enabled you’re going to go into the repository and you’re going to install from repository and go all the way down and then you’re going to click on Kody tips com repository you’re going to click on that it’s working and you see in the corner there it’s putting the files needed and once it does its work you should be just about set and ready to rock and roll with this one it’s still working sometimes it takes a little longer than others just be patient as your Cody does this little magic should almost be done any second there we go now you’re going to go to video add-ons click on video items and as you’re made in Canada IPTV you’re going to install that click install you see it’s downloaded you see it was enabled and now that IPTV has been added to your system click y’all on screen go over to video add-ons click on video add-ons and there it is click on there and now you will see all the channels the various sources you have to pick from so scroll down and you can click on made in Canada IPTV so once you find it you click on it and now you can install from FM for tests and to watch the channels so follow along now you go down to special links and events you click on that and then you go over to the Delhi free IP TV channels and you’re going to click on that and here’s all your channels this is your whole list of all the channels available you’ll probably find exactly what you’re looking for you just scroll through these channels until you see what you need and you’ll be all set ready to go so this is the IP TV made in Canada I hope you enjoyed this video I continue to add more videos to my list so stay tuned for the next one to come up and thanks for watching and I hope that on you found this video useful and that it gets you all the TV channels that you were looking for thanks again I hope you liked this video if you did give it a thumbs up but if you didn’t like it well give it a thumbs down I hope you subscribe to my channel and share this video with a friend and that you’ll continue to see future videos just remember this video is for educational purposes only so please use it as so and thanks again have a great day


  1. buna Florin mai trebuie configurat p2p si playerul extern? iar pe un android 5.1.1 trebuie programelul de fortare a kodi?

  2. Salut La mine nu merge cu Krypton 17.3 . Le extrag toate in folder da cand deschid Kodi ii la fel ca inainte. Vreo ideie ?

  3. Salut. Pe amazon fire stick nu merge addonul 17.3, merge doar 17.2 si nu gaseste nici o subtitrare in romana. pe 16 era parca un open subtitles unofficial pe care erau subtitrari bune. poti sa ma ajuti sa il pun? multumesc!

    • salutare , am instalat si eu pe amazon fire stick, dar nu merge mai deloc… se incarca foarte greu si cand se termina de incarcat mi da toate programele offlne … vreun sfat ceva ? multumesc !

  4. Salut. Am un DroidBox si am instalat exact ca in video. Dupa ce copiez in sdcard, este la fel ca inainte, nicio schimbare. Ce trebuie sa fac?

    • florin eng multumesc. Se pare ca aveam o problema cu programul care dezarhiva. Acu folosesc Total Commander si merge perfect

  5. Salut! Am instalat kodi 17.4 pe smart tv android, insa n u stiu cum sa instalez acest build direct din kodi de pe tv. ma poate ajuta cineva? Multumesc!


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