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Reponse to XmistersinisterX

1) Onto PC, 2) Using SD for Android TV, 3) Directly to Android TV without SD.

Showbox Direct Download Link:

Showbox 2nd Link (use for direct download onto android tv):

Other Links for Add Ons:




Mashup Manual:

Manual Add Ons:


    • No… the programs change and get out-dated after a while, so the key will become futile quickly. Unless you’re programming in mass numbers, and you could throw away the key in 3 months.

      Thx for watching subscribe plz 🙂

    • No. More effective ways to combat that issue are to use different links, use an ethernet connection and ensure that you have no less than a minimum of 2.5 Mbs Download speeds internet.

    • Np. I appreciate you taking the time out and watching this video. Subscribing would appreciate, butt in any event you can post comments and i’ll make videos to answer your questions.

    • I already did subcribe i watch all your kodi videos to get a better understanding of kodi and the repositories

  1. yo Caz, I am noticing that icefilms still has great HD content and seems to update shows better. Genesis has better searching, and showbox is fast but seems to only show SD stuff? anyhow great videos. I think streaming is still not !00% there YET

    • forgot about that one! yes 1 channel is good. I dont think Mashup is good anymore and I need to know how to use showbox. Any hints on how to use showbox?

    • do you want me to respond ina. Video? But the idea is that it has similar names to any other apps “Featured”, “Movies”, “TV shows”…. the movies r kind of not as up to date tho… Phoenix is the “new mashup”

    • Yes Phoenix is very nice. You don’t have to respond, but I like your Kodi vids, so keep them coming. Sports Devil seems to have dead links, would really like a video on something that is a good alternative. In the U.S. it would be great to have something for NFL before September! Thanks Caz. 

  2. Whenever I try to load a video on Kodi in showbox on windows kodi crashes.
    Has anyone else gotten this issue?

  3. This is not the real Show Box, this is some lame attempt to store porn on kodi. Be aware this is not Show box! Also he is trying to get subscribers.

  4. I added the add-on but nothing there in system add-on? help please ASAP this happen for most add-ons like husham as well

  5. i try to install show to my android box like you say in your video. (the 3rd way) but it didnt work. i got as far as when you say to go to download. i click on it to go to the next screen but when i do theres notting there. please help


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