Here is a Step by Step Install of Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install On a Windows 10 PC. Here is the Link for a post with pictures of how to install Exodus.


  1. have windows 7 on laptop and windows 10 on desktop, both download KODI but when I go to “file manager” and click “add source” nothing happens, just sits there, on either computer.  What’s up???

  2. So….I just installed Kodi and my version looks nothing like this which is making it a million times more confusing. I get to the Add on part after downloading fusion and it doesn’t give me the option to install a zip file. WHAT? HELP

  3. Hi. Mine wont open after the kodi sepup. I pressed run kodi, then finish and nothing happened. The box closed and when I select Kodi from the start menu it still wouldnt open? Any ideas of what I can try next?

  4. I need some help from a wise one. Whenever I type in to add files source to add Fusion I get a message saying “Unable to Connect” and then “Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected” What does this mean and I am on wifi and double verified the addon address

  5. Okay guys yes they updated it but the tut is still the EXACT same thing follow it trust me it work’s thank’s for the tut my dude!

  6. I’ve tried to load 16.0 like your using on my windows 10 and it hangs all the way at the very end…I’ve also tried to load 16.1 on my Win 10 and it hangs too. It won’t go past the .exe at the end…Can you tell me why? Please…


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