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THE BEST BUILD 2016 December XENON X4 (NEW UPDATED) FROM ARESWIZARD A ULTRA BUILD (part 1) * JED’S FIRE* part 1 how to use xxx passcode is six 9 please hit Thumbs Up And subscribe


  1. back at you. i have a LG 4 k.
    i download your new EXON app.went to the 4k session’ and it keep buffing…how do i stop this? and also i have the new box fire stick’ that supports 4k tv.the flat one.
    talk to me bro…

  2. R&R..MAN” i appreciate everything that you guys do but somebody need to come up with a bit of good loaded app that does not do buffering on 4K. I have tried everything that you asked me to do. but still it always buffer. can’t we do something about this. I have a fast internet. what the program on 4K just don’t work. can you tell me something else that should be done?

  3. is the areswizard web site down because everytime I scan the qrcode its takes me to a web that said not working can someone help me install this build? what do I do what am I doing wrong


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