This is the best FREE iptv private channel app available for any roku. Live tv, HD movies, shows, cartoons, news, etc.

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XTV private channel code: XTVIPTV




  1. I was able to add XTV on the Roku but there is an issue playing the cable channels under live channel stream! The only thing that seem to work was Adult Swim and that’s it is there something else I need to do???? I get the message it’s offline right now but it will return shortly!! Is there another update or something else I need to do to get it to work???

    • Ufffff this is an old video Paul, XTV was the best free app for Roku, i wonder if they’re still updating it or if there is a new code for it.

  2. I did it!! All by myself! I watch the British stations and I’m wondering if there is any way to see what is playing and also what the next shows are? Like a guide or something???       Thanks!

  3. doesn’t work. when you try and install it, it just gives you a warning that it’s not approved and won’t install!


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