video above on how to install acestreams

use for the colossus repo, smash repo, vipsecret repo( for avezy), and the sedundes repo which has the not sure.

in kodi download plexus as shown in the video. the best sports add ons are bennu, made in Canada, avezy, not sure, and vortex. if you have pro sport ( old add on) the reddit streams are still good for the subreddits: “boxingstreams, mmastreams, nflstreams, cfbstreams”.

the dimitrology and top tutorials urls are where most of the action is.

if dimitrology url source is down use the top tutorials one in the video

vortex add ons usually has the ppvs in English, but may not be as stable as the reddit streams in the not sure add on

adding google chrome and mouse toogle apks are optional and are only needed on the firestick or android box if wanting to stream from the sportsarefree.xyz website.

there are several websites to download acestreams apk, mouse toogle apk, and google chrome apk using the “downloader” apk which can be downloaded from the google play store or the amazon app store.

this is a lengthy video because there are a ton of add ons to make sure you have back up sources


  1. When i install Covenant and go into movies section and then select a new movie to watch (baby driver) for example it only plays a trailer instead of the full movie and dont know why it does this,have tried several different movies all with same result ?

    • Paul Smith yea that happened to me too,and film’s I watch&try watch again like dispic me3, it show’s a trailer,until I unmark it,then it play’s but not all

    • Kam Murphy Thank you for yor comment because i’ve had this pain in the butt problem from day one of installing Covenant and in the finnish have given it up as a bad job,but after what you’ve just said it i will reinstall Covenant and see how it goes ?

    • hmmm prolly becauses its down…I would go ahead and watch my previous video on how to get ufc ppv and install droid buddy to get acestreams

  2. Hey u. All was going well until I opened the community portal…and got a blank page…no list for apk’s or nothing….what do I do?

  3. @diesel tv I did not find after clicking the open box in the addons file that it sent me to a place where I can install from zip file… Help?

  4. AceStreams does not install on to Kodi as an add-on, instead it requires you to install Plexus Player on Kodi and AceStreams player works in Windows, what to do To use AceStream Kodi in windows.. thanks


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