This video will guide you on how to install best working addons for kodi 2017, kodi, kodi 17.3, since fusion is not working, indigo is not working, exodus, zen is not working you can try this best media source which is better than fusion, all the renamed popular addons exodus, ZEN, as elysium, bob, Mitaliq whic is working fine, elysium in kodi 17.3, MItaliq in kodi 17.3


  1. Thank you for this info. After many attempts to get Exodus through fusion I was able to get it through the aftermathwizard source as you suggested. You saved the day!!!!

  2. I did everything but when I get to 8:14 in video that box does not come up instead I get a box that says Playback failed, One or more items failed to play. check the log for more information about this message


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