Today I am am going to walk you through step-by-step showing you how to install Kodi (formerly XBMC) on your Mac. Its very easy and quick and during the installation I will show you how to set up video addons so you can watch free movies and TV shows. If you are having trouble installing try this method here.

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  1. I had this box and send it right back.. There was too many bootleg apps and i needed to add more apps to make one app run.. not worth it

  2. i tried to install kodi 16.1 jarvis on my mac but it say that the app is damage.It suggest to move the app to trash.any suggestion?

  3. I am having a problem installing. The messages on my Mac saids to check for updates for Kodi and Mac. Everything is up to date on my computer but for some reason Kodi is not downloading correctly

  4. you do know .. that the installer with the picture of the Applications folder.. is actually an alias TO the Applications folder.. and you can just drag the app directly onto that Applications picture .. and it will copy to /Applications 🙂

  5. You do know that you can just drag the application to the folder shown on the install window, right? You don’t need to open the Applications yourself…

  6. when i go in system,add on,install from zip file,fusion.start here i don’t see the plug hub wizard only plugin.program.indigo.what should i do plz


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