WHO NEEDS EXODUS – These 2 top KODI ADD-ONS are BACK and way BETTER !!

install URL –

Website for APKS – www.docsquiffy.com

Stay Safe –
Get up to 46% off IpVanish –

what to enter into Firestick es Explorer – http:docsquiffy.com
demo here –

Follow on twiter – @docsquiffy

Join Hoadegans-

Useful vids – install Fire stick –

If Channels aren’t loading you could try a VPN

drsquiffy@gmail.com or squiffytech@gmail.com

Install Kodi 17 on Firestick –
Install Kodi 17 on Android –
Upgrade Android Firmware –

Get up to 46% off IpVanish –

feel free to use any VPN

if you need help here are two good Facebook groups:

same technique should work on all devices ,?
subscribe to my channel for more videos on how to install builds and add ons and other software , ?subscribe and share , don’t let ppl be charged to install free software ??
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where to click
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    • +Gary P silly annoying you why comment toxic youtube when we all know nothing working 100% right now but you can still found good source but dont expect it be 100% Now as for beer drinking you should just be relaxing not chating or comment on toxic topic

  1. There’s a new Exodus out and I downloaded it the other day and it comes with a huge amount of goodies. It works perfect. Also all this BS about VPN’s, forget it. If you want a VPN on your firestick, you need a special router. I got iPVanish and it would not work. These people are getting all this gear for free and then try and push it onto us poor suspecting people. They don’t go out to work, this is what they do for a living and they are not doing this for pleasure and to help us. They are making a lot of money for basically doing nothing!

    • TYRONE HAIRSTON hi How do you install a vpn like IPvanish on your providers router-I love IPVanishVPN but doesn’t play well with Netflix it’s always saying GEO error message when using with Amazon Prime Video and Hulu–won’t play with it tomorrow renews me for 3 more months I have been slacking as far as my options but elected to opt out of Express VPNs trial as you need a special router to utilize their devices, but to have 24/7 customer support is very enticing,thank you in advance for any help or advice re: using router for VPN I feel only partially covered from constant on and off

    • Jacqueline Kane Nelson – First of all, I’ve got my own router and internet modem. TP Link router- AC 1200 wireless duel band router. But I’m not using IP vanish through the router any longer because I’ve got 2nd generation fire TV sticks. With IP vanish, you can install service on 5 different devices. And I’ve learned most about installing IP vanish from troypoint.com. His tutorials are precise, simple and on point. I highly recommend you subscribe to his channel …. He offers a lot to learn about KODI in general, and especially about IP Vanish. I hope this bit of info helps …. Good luck!

    • +TYRONE HAIRSTON I do subscribe to troypoint, but have not utilized all of his tutorials-I also have 2nd gen firestick sideloaded IPVanishVPN but soon it will be available in the AppStore–so from what I understand having to use your router via any vpn is less a convenience-i do enjoy the having 5 devices at a time but having constantly turn off and on as stated before seems counterproductive I apologize for any confusion I thought you were stating that a VPN through a router was more conducive than w/o I am new to the VPN World-& as per your advice I will continue to seek advice through troypoint any videos I have watched thus far have been quite informative and helpful. Thanks kindly for your response and if your a father Happy Fathers Day!!

    • Good morning. Nope, no children, but thanks anyway. And I hope you resolve your issue? Have a good week ….

    • Douglas Gross jeez listen to him mouth breath and take baby sized sips of his water. And his 3 min intro walkthru to subscribe to his account like people can’t figure that out.

    • Darren Steele yep I’m hoping tonight it’s kinda up now , but I’m having issues with so won’t do guide untill fully up

    • Doc Squiffy Sweet. It’s the only one with links to some ancient soap my mum loves. She’ll be happy. Thanks dude.

    • It plays for me fine ,Dud you got to learn how to play with it, if it doesn’t work. go to your movie left click to open and hit play here. If that doesn’t you could either go back to cable or go pay at the theater, Remember this FREE!
      Doc is trying help

    • dave lucus do i fucking know u like back up if it didn’t work its his teaching or something wrong a movie said esylum wasn’t streaming one movie but stream another

  2. everytime i try to down to either zip file or repository it doesnt show up or it say could not connect to repository


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