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Zeus Addon how to install guide KODI – XBMC ( IPTV , VOD, Films, TV Shows and much more )

This is the Zeus addon so dont forget your lighting Bolta a replacements or a new version from the developers of the AAA team most likely. I cant confirm that but the it looks allot like AAA Live stream Addon.

The repo to download it is

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Enjoy the show
Husham Memar
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  1. the usa list and all sports channels need to be updated cause they don’t work for me… i been trying to get live wwe but can’t…. zeus sucks it doesn’t even work

  2. Zeus is deceiving  Great for movies and stuff but live telecasts  is another story. I thought i hit gold with ESPN HD on zeus but its repeats from 7 months ago. Once i saw NBA and watched ESPN on other channels live showing  little league WS i knew something was off  Some of the other channels like ME Tv is not the actual live channel broadcast from network. Its more of a collection of the networks shows  Also i have yet to find a channel that show MLB  games in HD

  3. Hey how you doing wanted to ask do you have any idea if Zeus addon gonna come back it stopped working for me as off today09/02/15????

  4. When I click on Zeus on my mxq andriod box (it was updated on 11th December 2015) it just comes up with script failed, how do I get it back working, as it was working okay till 23rd December now all the channels under Zeus icon no longer appear. Help!!! if its gone okay fair enough, but what stream can i use to watch live soccer here in the UK – yes its jailbroken…

  5. I when I click setting-ad ons- .zeus nothing is there and it’s happening with a lot the ones I try and down load like xfinity does the exact same thing..help anyone??

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