In my previous video showing how to set up SD bmu pro, I got a lot of comments to people saying it. Wasn’t working, so I am going to do this again and we’re gonna use a new link, and hopefully we get this sorted out, but let’s.

Do a little troubleshooting go to your settings and let’s check to make sure that you know you don’t have already it installed or you have enough storage space make sure your storage space. You have enough, you know if you’re low on storage space.

This might be a reason. So what I’ll do is. I am going to uninstall any apps that I’m, not currently using game circle. Uh not a lot okay kicker I don’t use kicker. I don’t even know what it is so uninstall it.

It has. A hundred and thirteen Meg’s. I’m sure that could be useful for installing SD bmu pro alright. So I already have SD be a new pro, but you know what I should probably yeah. Let me think here yeah I can, and I can’t believe that ok, no big deal skip that see.

If there’s, anything else. Ok, I use everything. So I’m gonna uninstall, my SD be any pro. So you guys could see and make sure we could do this start it from scratch. Alright, so that’s done anything else, nope, nothing else, okay! So in that case we’re just going to go back to the beginning.

The way to start and the app we’re gonna use is download or if you don’t, have it make sure you get it alright. So let us put in the correct URL all right. I’m, not gonna skip a step. So if you’re doing this, you can follow me step by step.

So it’s. S who are you boom? Alright, then we’re gonna go to all right forward, slash forward slash then it is bit so be. I T okay, dot Elle. Why and it’s case sensitive. So I’ll. Make sure you know you do it correctly now why and then Ford /, so it’s too X, see uppercase n uppercase v case L, lower case L, ladies and gentlemen uppercase W, and that’s.

It go it’s going to connect, and I’m gonna. Do this real time. I’m not going to edit you’re gonna see. This is the download process it’s. Fifty one point: eight megabytes for the actual app and you’re gonna install it so, I would say, have at least probably 300 megabits available for download.

So that could be an issue why people are saying it’s, not working. This is the latest version, my backup I bought at the Google Play Store. You know, so I have a backup of it. It works. I’m, assuming you have a backup well as well.

You know so you’re using as a backup, because I’m sure you already bought it all right, all right, okay, so that’s. That and then we’re going to go to install. We want to install this, and this is how long it’s gonna take again no editing so that way, if you’re doing with me, you could do it step-by-step, follow along with me.

This is the process how long it takes this video isn’t too long. Shouldn’t be more than six minutes. Okay, so again, this is s DB, mu pro. If you’re downloading, the free version, don’t use a free version.

It’s garbage. It may not work okay, good. We installed it all right. Excellent! We’re done now. We want to make sure we have it in our apps. You could delete it, but I’m gonna just hang on to it. Mmm it’s.

If you don’t have a lot of space, you could delete, but I have enough so I’m, going to keep it all right. So let’s, go to where all our apps are see all, and why are we s DBM, you Pro great alright.

So this is the setup I’m gonna briefly show you the setup. You go to config application. You go to profiles alright, so new profiles been added, select that and then we’re going to go to SCB configuration first thing I always do is erase the serial number, so I can use it on other devices, so it’s.

Not locked great now math addressed. This is what you give your reseller 0:01 a 79. If you don’t give this limp, you can’t use certain sdb apps, or rather you can’t use certain IPTV servers so give that to them you, don’t, have a reseller.

Let the link in the description go to IP TV from Ethernet. They’ll set you up. Once you’ve paid for the subscription. You’re, going to get a portal URL and you’re entered there. I would probably change the name to the server, whichever server you get and that’s.

It once you’ve done that hold the select button, go to profiles and select the profile you’ll be streaming and you’ll, be very happy all right, so I hope this video has been useful. It has been, please hit the like subscribe.

If you want to see more videos like these all right, I’m out.

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