Hey guys, what’s up, I’m Eris from gamers, this video is going to be about getting a free, unlimited, hundred-percent, no registration, no nothing free VPN to serve the web securely and privately. So the app or add-on, I’m going to show you to get will allow you to go on any website.

Even if your country has internet censorship or it has blocked sites or you just want to be on the web and anima Slee and privately recently, Prime wire.com or whatever the website is not hundred percent sure on that has been blocking Kodi add-ons.

So, if you’re in like Exodus, for example – and you click on a link, that’s from prime wire, you get a message back, saying: hey. If you want to watch this movie, go to prime wire calm well, this ad will prevent that from happening and you’ll be able to use any website download any information privately and your IP address is hidden.

So nobody knows where you are, what you’re doing and it’s 100 % free. I don’t know if I mentioned that and there’s no limitations on it. There is no, no nothing. It’S just a simple press, one button to connect and everything else is done for you.

So let me show you there’s lots of ways you can get this app I’ll. Show you a couple of ways and then you can do whatever you need to do so you can get this right from kodi and that’s why I’m inside Kodi right now so to do that.

We’Re going to go to systems, go to file manager and go click on add source. So when you click on add source, your address, URL that you need is HTTP colon forward. Slash forward, slash, Cobra 24 comm forward, slash Cobra repository and I automatically generates the name.

Cobra repository, so I just leave it like that and then press ok. So once you press, ok, make sure you see Cobra repository on your list here and you want to back out to your main menu. So this time you want to click on systems and we’re gonna go click on add-ons and now we’re gonna go click install from zip file.

So what we got to do now is enable or install the source that we just created. So we got to find Cobra repository or whatever you named it. You want to find it click on it, and then there is that one zip file later.

So you want to click on that to install it on your kodi setup, so wait for our notification at the bottom right there they tell you that it’s been enabled or updated. Once you see that notification, then you want to go install from repository you’re going to click on that, and then there is that Cobra repository right there.

So we’ll click on that and then we’re gonna go to program out on, go to program and add-ons and the app that we need is this Cobra app installer so and then hit install so once you’ve installed that it will be in your program section.

Not so we can back all the way out of here to your main page and go to programs program add-ons and then there’s that Cobra app installer. Now this thing’s pretty cool cuz, you can download. So as you can see, you got android windows and linux.

We’Re gonna go to android. You can do lots of stuff in here and then we’re gonna go to apps. You can download lots and lots of apps through kodi using the cobra app installer. It’S actually a really cool repository, there’s lots of stuff in there.

So if you do end up putting it on your kodi set up play around with it, there’s lots and lots of stuff. You can do like there’s like yes file explorer for the Amazon fire. Stick VLC media plan, there’s tons of stuff in here the Showbox.

You name it, you got it and you can download all these add-ons or apps through Kodi. So the one we need you just circle. It is right here the cloud VPN free, unlimited, I mean it’s, you don’t have to register, you don’t have to absolutely you.

Don’T have to do anything and it works amazing. It’S unlimited, there’s, no limited bandwidth, there’s well, just click on that will click on download and I highly recommend, even if you guys decide not to use this ion or an app use, a VPN, because it’s private, it’s secure, you can surf the web anonymously.

You can do whatever you want if your country has internet censorship or they’re blocking tons of sites or even your internet provider, sometimes blocks these Kodi add-ons and different sites where you can stream movies from and if that’s the case, you can use a VPN to bypass That and go anywhere you want on the web, so click ok to install cloud to bpn, [ Applause ].

If you’re somebody who likes to download movies use a VPN, you should just use a VPN anyways that way it’s a hundred percent anonymous. Nobody knows where you are highly recommend it, and this one. If you don’t want to pay this one is free guys.

It is free 100 % free. I know there’s other youtubers on there. They give you this great VPN app and it looks amazing in their videos and you go to get it and you got to pay for it. I’M not misleading you here um, I don’t even know the creators of this VPN, but it’s so good and I enjoy it and use it so much that I felt I have to make a video and I want you guys to be able to do whatever you Want on the web so make sure it’s not illegal, so once the app is open, all you got to do is tap to connect.

So you just tap the green button. I trust this app. You guys can read that if you want what I’ve read it already and I trust it so it’s connecting and it says you are connected so now anything I do on my device is 100 % private 100 % anonymous and I can do as much as I Want use it as much as I want, and nobody knows what I’m doing so now we can go back inside Cody.

Would you like to delete the package files and that’s another cool thing about Cobra app installer? It’S always cleaning your system for you, but uh yeah. So I mean look at all the stuff you can get through that Cobra installer, but now I can go and do anything I want on the net and nobody knows where I am thanks for watching.

The video please subscribe. Please share please like please go to gamers comm. If you like our wallpapers, there’s a wallpaper section, you can get all the wallpapers thanks for watching guys. My little ones crying I got ta go, probably change a diaper.

Thank you very much I’ll see you guys on

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