What’S up, ladies and gents, I am trying out this new build. It has been recommended to me so many times by so many people, so I thought I’d give it a try. I love playing around with builds, I love finding new builds.

I love the idea of builds, but in the same sense in saying that not every build is safe. There’S been some third-party add-ons out there that have viruses, so you really got to be careful with what you’re doing and what build you’re putting on and what add-ons you’re putting on your device, but um this build.

It’S a schism, build I’ll kind of give. You guys a walk through it and I’ll show you how to install it onto your device. Another thing about schism: they they’ve gone private, so you have to have an account with them to be able to get their builds, and if you have a free account, you get up to ten downloads a week which I mean isn’t too bad who’s going through.

More than ten downloads or ten builds a week, but they have gone private, so you do have to have an account with them before you can install their builds but uh more on that later. But for now this build is really it’s really slick.

Looking and it’s really really clean and smooth, I find so – we’ve got the movie section here, as you can see at the top there. It’S got recommended movies for you and, as you switch around, it gives you a little tidbit about the movies, which is really cool, and it seems to be the latest movies that are out there now and then and then you’ve got submenu here where, if you’re in The movie section they’ll, give you like different categories and different add-ons.

It seems to be the most reliable categories or add-on that you’re gonna get on this thing fail. You got UK tarik, Phoenix new release, that’s one of my favorite sections and any add-on by the way the one channel ice bones.

You can even search, and then you got add-ons down here. So it’s got three menus there and then it’s got recommendations at the top TV shows same thing. Really it’s got top add-ons and then it’s got the sub menu here with recommendations of different categories and add-ons that you can get.

And then it’s got your add-ons over here and then same with the movies you go up here and go to the TV show that you want. It gives you a little tidbit about it, which is a pretty fancy schmancy. I say people click on one and then it brings you here see someone season two and it gives you your episodes, I’m actually kind of glad this was recommended to me, because I really do like this bill.

That’S pretty cool um. I also checked out that new build, they have Inc and I I’m not sure about it. It seems way too slow because it seems like it’s rusted, it’s communicating with their servers to be.

Oh, you have to see it I’ll. Do a video about it. Sorry to explain and uh it gives you the players here anyways and just just like that. Really quick, really smooth and everything at your fingertips. Really.

I noticed what Schism as in most of their builds. They have Exodus as your default app because it’s a really reliable add-on and then you got collections here you can. You can switch all the stuff around if you wanted and then kids, if you got kids and all the builds that see their kids or adults section right, can’t have them both in the same spot, but same with the TV shows and the movies you got.

The submenu here, then, you got your add-ons and then you got recommended movies over there with a little bit of tidbit. I think I think, and the other really sweet thing about this, build that I, like it’s a really small bills.

I think it’s 189 megabits, which is really you, can put that on a fire stick. You can put that on the shield on any device. Really it’s it. They got so much into such a little file like amazing, sometimes with what technology can do right and then for your sports.

Here it’s got any sport if you’re, not gonna, find it on the add-ons that are on here. You’Re, probably not gonna find it on Cody, but just to show you quick view: let’s go to Phoenix click on that go to Phoenix boards.

One event live TV, yeah, so yeah, I’m new to the whole schisms thing really new to the schisms thing, but they’re builds are really nice. I don’t. I don’t know if I like the idea that they went private and you got ta, have an account and do this and do that.

But uh I mean, if that’s what’s gonna keep the good stuff coming. I guess that’s what you got to do right. Sometimes you got ta, you got to do what you got to do, I guess, but definitely go over to their website.

Well, if you’re gonna want this build, you’re gonna have to go over to their website and sign up I’ll. Show you how to do that in a bit live TV. I said if there’s a channel yeah that you can get on Cody on any add-on, you’re gonna get it on this device or on this build.

You got your popular ones right! Your live mix, your hello live film on Turek and Phoenix. You can also add to these right. If there’s an add-on on here that or add-on – that’s not on here and you’ll want it.

You can always add it. It’S not restrictive at all. Let’S see this recordings. Timer, oh, that’s the renegade TV Guide, music. You see YouTube the YouTube section, we’ll see if it works here. I know the YouTube section doesn’t work on a lot of builds just because I don’t have the new YouTube set up in there.

Let’S see if it’s gonna work, but don’t tell me no, I guess it does like very nice, very, very nice. That works, because that’s one thing and a lot of builds a YouTube section does not it’s not functional at all, and then you got your systems here.

Your maintenance file manager, okay. So to get this out on the salt, remember you first got to go to the schisms website and make an account if you want this, build I’ll. Have the link for you at the in the About section in the video you just click on that make it honestly takes less than a minute to make this account so to add the source we’re gonna, go over down to systems and we’re gonna go Down to file manager and from file manager, as you can see, I’ve already added it, but what you would do is you would click on add source here.

Click on that source, I’m just gonna show you the address. So once you click on add source, you get this window pop up, and this is the address that you’re gonna want to pop in the the path for the URL HTTP colon forward.

Slash forward slash, Gizem, tv.com forward, slash repo and when you click done on that the name down here, it’s automatically gonna generate one and it’s gonna be called repo. You can leave it as @ repo, but I recommend you just backspace on it and call it schism.

Then you know exactly what that source is so after you do that, put the name in and put that address in up there, you’re gonna click, OK and there you go you’ll, see your source right there. If you get a message popping up that says the source, I forget the exact messages, but if you get an error message, the server might be down like I tried it earlier and it wasn’t working because the Schism server was down.

So I just had supper. It came back tried again and it was working fine. Yes, so once you’ve added the source – and you see schism over there – you want a backspace and this time what we’re gonna do is we’re going to go and click on systems and from systems.

We’Re gonna go click on add-ons and now what we have to do is we just created a source, and now what we’re gonna do in this step is we’re going to enable that source. So we can access it and to enable that source that we just created.

We have to go and install from zip file, so you click on that and then now we’re gonna go find that source that we just created. I named it schism if you left me that repo, where you named it something else, you just got ta, remember what you named it and you would go and click on it.

So once you click on it, it’s going to give you the only zip file. That’S there so we want to do. Is you want to click on that repository zip file? And then you wait till a message pops up at the bottom right? There bottom-right tells you that it’s been enabled, so we’ve just enabled that source that we created and now what we got to do is we got to go to install from repository and there’s that solar set we just enabled so we’ve got to click on that and There’S lots of stuff in here if you want to play around with other stuff, if you don’t want just the builds, like I mean you, click on videos, there’s doc, you hub money sports, my kodi wizard lots of stuff in here.

But if you want the builds, you go to program add-ons and there’s a schism TV wizard all in one and schism TV wizard elite. Now the elites, the new one it has the ink and stuff and then that’s all in one I’m not in my.

I haven’t looked into it, it might even have the elite, but who knows you click on either one you want i’ve already enabled elite. So you click on that and you would click install i’ve already. Well, let me just show you what it would look like.

Click on it and then you would click install and once it’s installed a message will pop up on the bottom right. Saying hey it’s been installed, then what you want to do is you want to back out here back all back to the main window and then we’re gonna go to programs this time so we’re gonna click on programs and we’re gonna go to program.

Add-Ons and then there’s that schism TV, wizard elite, so we’re gonna click on that now, remember the how I said you got to go to their website and make the account and I’m gonna, have the link for you with in the About section in the Video, if you don’t, if you don’t, have an account, you can’t do this and it’s completely free.

So, as you can see here, the user is gamers. My account type. I’Ve just made a free account and I’ve done two downloads this week, so yeah so and then, once you have this page, you would go to install.

We detected your account as free. You have 10 downloads a week limit in order to unlock full features. Please visit. That’S how she the website, you need to make the account for yourself you’re gonna get this message popped up all the time.

Just click, OK and then that’s gonna bring you to all the builds that they have in the Elite wizard. So the one I showed you is atlantis, 1.2, their newest one is Inc. 1.2. I tried it. I was honestly gonna do a video about it, but it was so slow.

It wasn’t responsive, it’s neat, but it wasn’t responsive because it’s constantly communicating with their servers and it just kept saying busy every time we try to do something and just said busy busy, I mean, there’s a pain in the butt, so I just kind of left it And I checked out on lantus cuz, a lot of people have recommended it to me and it’s actually a really cool build and, as you can see, if you didn’t want, if you want to check something, also, it kind of gives you a screenshot of it to Show you what it looks like and you can tell a lot about a bill just by seeing a screenshot so yeah you click on the one you want and there you go after it’s done installing if you have a Mac or PC that you’re using it on It’Ll ask if you want when Cody close, then you click yes and it shuts it down for you and then you started it up and you’re good if you’re using the fire stick.

I just take it out of the back of the TV after its downloaded and installed for a few seconds plug it back in, and fire cody up and you’re good. If you use an android box, just unplug the power for a few seconds, plug the power back in start it up and you’re golden any other device, just restart it like a Android phone or whatever just restart and you’re golden so yeah.

This is how you get the Atlantis schism build or any other schism build. Remember to please subscribe like us and follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, and we have lots of contests we’re giving away lots of dream.

Link t1 boxes so make sure you subscribe to stay in touch with all the giveaways we’re giving one away Tuesday by the way. So yeah, thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next video

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