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Hi guys just a quick tutorial to explain to you how you can access the addons that won’t connect for you if you have web filters enabled. Disabling web filters from your ISP will fix problems with kodi addons not working. fix problems with kodi addons not connecting. and will also get more sources for kodi when watching streams.

Guides to disable:


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  1. Hey Top Tutorials, I have your latest build installed on 16.1, but every time I try and watch the latest episode of a tv show, when it loads it’s has some subtitles on, most annoying, I’ve gone in to the options and disabled subtitles but they still remain, it’s happened before with another show but when I tried something else then went back to it the subtitles weren’t on anymore, but this new episode, everything I try doesn’t help.
    Do you have an idea what I can do/try?
    I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone else but the episode in question is S06 E03 of GoT.

  2. great vid this is why ur page is awesome. I called my service provider in canada (rogers) and they said there are no filters enabled also went in the modem hitron modem and no filters r enabled. However still unable to view dna etc for live tv. :/

    • +EliteEvolution416 you’ll have to use a vpn then mate. Although 1 final thing to try would be Google dns server

    • +Top Tutorials thank u sir. I’ll try the Google dns servers and hopefully that works. Have you heard of Astrill VPN? apparently that’s the best VPN with speeds n all..

    • +EliteEvolution416 I don’t use vpns so can’t advise which ones are good. The trouble is it will always be slower as the data has further to travel

  3. I phoned virgin to get web safe of .been 10 years since logged in to e-mail what is ntlWorld.com yes that old . anyway said turned it of so no difference ? what virgin did was nothing just f me off when I recovered my e-mail and pass they had not done it, so best of to do it your self . every time I get put through to Pakistan i would not trust them as far as I could throw them

  4. I’ve had a new t95z box and no Addons in kodi will work!! I’ve reinstalled kodi twice I’ve tried reinstalling the Addons countless times and I can’t seem to find any help anywhere!! Exodus for example I click on movies or tv shows and it just flat out refuses to change from the home menu. U.K. Turk I can get to the listings of movies I click on the link and it loads for around 2 minutes and then takes me back to the kodi home screen.

    • Becky Duffey mine worked after disabling my BT safety stuff like the video says then I had to ring them up as there was something that was blocking the box from connecting and they sorted it!! Thanks for the video top tutorials 🙂

  5. hi I used the kodi update now nothing works wont connect to net or wifi when I try to install repo it says unable to retrieve directory info could u do me a quick vid to help me get it back

  6. Top Tutorial, quick question please. How do I actually know what ISP am using?
    Having a hard time figuring mine out

  7. I have kodi 17.3 on firestick, over the past few days some of the url’s I put in get a / added at the end when I click ok and that throws it off. I have found a decent build since yours came down, but this keeps me from adding certain addons.


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