hey guys what’s, going on welcome back to techno flux, where we do tech news reviews and how to’s today’s. Kodi add-on is amazing, as it’s got 4k movies, 1080p movies live TV. You guys are gonna love.

This one, especially the live TV section, seems to be working really nicely before we start. If you’re, not already subscribed. Please subscribe and click on a notification bell as we upload videos every single day.

Let’s, fire up your Kodi click on this Settings icon. Then we’re gonna go and click on file manager. Over here I’m gonna come down and add a source, so let’s. Click on Add source from there. We’re gonna click here, where it says, none and type in this portal.

Url HTTP colon forward slash forward slash luxury wizard, dot space forward, slash luxury, that’s, a lot of forward slashes all right after you got that typed in exactly as you see it, we’re gonna press.

Ok from there automatically generates the name luxury I’m. Fine with that name, you can change it to whatever you want. Just remember the name once you ‘ Ve got your screen exactly. As you see it, we’re gonna press.

Ok, once you press, ok, you’ll notice. That luxury is in your source list. If you don’t see it in your source list. You didn’t. Do something right you need to try again so once you see this in your source list, we’re gonna back all the way out to our main Kodi menu here and we’re gonna go and click on add-ons.

Once you click on add-ons, you’ll notice, you get a unbox icon at the top left. We’re gonna click on that, and we’re gonna go and click on install from zip files from zip file. We’re gonna go find that source we just created, which is luxury right here: [, Music, ] and then from there.

We’re gonna go install this repository luxury 1.6 zipped file. So let’s. Click on that wait for a notification at the top rate to tell you that it’s been installed once you see that now we can go and click on install from repository, and we’re gonna go and find luxury repository From there we’re gonna go and click on video add-ons and the add-on that we want is limitless.

We click on limitless, it brings you to this window. So let’s. Go click on install, tells you what dependencies are going to be installed with this add-on. So let’s. Click on OK add-on installed. So once you see that it’s been installed, we can back all the way out to our main kodi menu and go click on video add-ons and let’s.

Go click on limitless and show you guys what’s in here, [, Music ] so got here. I want to show you guys: let’s. Go to movies here: 4k movies, 4k. Real bitty movies, [ Music ] escape room [ Music ] that easy guys one-click play 4k movies.

Tell me that isn’t awesome, but that’s, not even the best of it. Yet I want to show you guys: [ Music ], the live TV section now playing top rated, and just so you guys know I don’t have any subscriptions to anything.

This is just a add-on. You pop on your kodi and you get to play 4k movies. Watch live TV. Look at all these different categories in here some amazing categories, and these are all subcategories just under the movies, so that was movies.

Tv shows same thing: you got kids sports 24. Let’s, go to live TV right here, so let’s; click on live TV and let’s. Go live TV by country. Everything’s working in here everything that I’ve tested. As of the upload of this, video was working: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, turkey, UAE United Kingdom and USA.

Let’s. Click on USA because it’s, the biggest market, and I’m. Guessing mostly you guys that are watching it probably inquiring about the USA channels on North, I’ll. Show you guys, with over here ABC a and E AMC Bloomberg.

Look at all these live channels. Cnn I mean what do you need cable for me and discovery that’s? The nation, America, [ Music, ]? Let’s! Click on one! Let’s! Click on this one! Let’s, see that awesome.

It is a work, very good, [, Music ], all right guys. Now you’ve. Seen this awesome limitless add-on. You need it for your kodi setup. I recommend it but make sure you using a VPN to protect yourself from everybody on the internet.

Thanks for watching guys, please subscribe leave a comment at the bottom to. Let me know how what you think of this addon and give me a thumbs up. Thank you. Guys have yourself a good weekend. Bye, bye, [, Music, ]

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