How to install android and kodi on asus tinker board. keep in mind everything is still in beta and not all functions might work. thanks for the view!

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  1. Do you have the hikey? And if you will not buy it? You could try Android since it is official and should be good, good greetings from Mexico very good videos

  2. Hey Just Got a News that Google Just Released Developer Preview for the Google Assistant in Raspberry Pi 3. Can you make next Video on it Please! ?

  3. can you tell me how this works with a 4k tv? because that’s the only reason I would want to buy this to upgrade my raspberry pi3. the Android resolution you mentioned earlier goes up to 4k? and what about 4k playback on kodi? does it play without trouble?

  4. So, Netflix works, I assume you mean it works playing 1080p, right? What about Amazon Prime Video? and one more question: does HDMI-CEC work?

  5. Tinker board CAN or CAN NOT drive a common 1280 × 1024 display? (a DVI one through HDMI to DVI cable). I enjoyed your video for installation Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 3. Is it possible to make one for this (tinker) board?

  6. Do you think it’ll be able to run at 2160p resolution in the future on Android? Would be a nice use-case for a custom tablet!

  7. Hi, great video. I wanted to add Kodi to the debianOS, are you going to be creating a video? I ask this because ive tried flashing the Android version 3 times now and get a boot failure every time. Debian is working fine.

  8. Hi thanks for the great video , one question the touch screen its working on asus thinker board and running android ?


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