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Angelus is a new movie and TV show addon for kodi that offers a basic easy to find list of content you will find refreshing from the me too addons of late.


  1. I guess you liked it then 😉 I think a ‘Marvel’ section has just been added as well. Pretty good isn’t it. Angelus. .. obviously a Buffy fan 😂

  2. “Angelus”….They’l probably be a “Spike”..”Buffy” & “Wolfram & Hart” one to follow soon lol….:)….

  3. I guess that you lucked out liking war movies, because I spent a while with this earlier this morning and went to thrillers and Disney and was very disappointed. Nothing was as curated as that war movie section obviously is. Disney movies returning only one link, that wouldn’t play. The thriller list was just random titles from the past two years and oddly, nothing that was good. It was all just the badly reviewed thrillers from the last couple of years. Except for war movies, everything is as nonsensical as the Netflix section that you opened. I only saw two Netflix exclusives in there. Otherwise it was just a random list of videos. The only thing that played well for me was the Aristocrats, but only after falling through several links. The only other one that played was Split, after falling through every hd link and finally playing a sd link that looked like I was on mushrooms or something. Is Cobra just another name for Madhouse? Because this addon has all the same issues that the Madhouse addons had.

    • Do you have the current Universal scraper on your system, this uses it like most other addons current is

  4. You people need to let the developers work out the kinks. Nobody is charging you its free. Give them a break.!


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