Hey guys, it’s. Jackie Felixia. Today we’re, just going to be going through a complete guide to succession wizard for June of 2020, and we’ll kind of go through all the important stuff such as you know.

The advantages of playing succession wizard, the skill add-ons skill selection for both PvE and PvP, as well as I’ll, go through a set of combos both for 1v1 as well as life scale, and you will come through some other stuff as well.

On the way I’m gonna make this guide as short as possible and as informed informative as possible. So let’s get started alright. So I’m. Just gonna quickly compare succession wizard to awakening wizard and the advantages and disadvantages of it.

So I’ll start off with the advantages. First of all, the mobility is probably the biggest advantage in succession wizard. Not only do you get to split teleports compared to the single teleport of awakening, but you also have other protected movement skills skills such as response and evade left quake, which is really huge.

It makes you a lot more mobile in in the field. The other advantage is that all succession wizard can dish out damage a lot faster due to being able to animation, cancel most of their skills. So you can engage a lot faster and disengage a lot faster, as it was that you do also have greater range pressure, which does do higher damage and also adds protection.

So example of this is high-voltage the front guard, skill or stuff like your residual, lightning, blizzard and media. So the disadvantage is what you’ll lose out compared to waiting. For example, you lose out on defensive stats for a buff which also no longer shares with other people in your party platoon or guild you also don’t, have the siege as a building, so you cannot do cpa or like a sage media.

Apart from that, you lose your range to AOE slow, which is your data, and you pretty much have a lot shorter si rotation compared to awakening, which you can almost infinitely rotate essays. Well, for one thing: once you lose out on your pet, so you lose our ability to pet stiff and pretty you also lose out on your grab and s-block, as was your ability to switch between Awakening and unawakened stances.

So you know there’s. Definitely a lot of advantages and disadvantages when comparing succession to your wakening wizard. One last thing go. Remember is that for awakening. It does scale a lot better at lower AP levels due to how the awakening pet flow skills work now just quickly in terms of gross blots and stuff.

I’m, not going to go through this in depth too much because there’s other videos out for that, but pretty much as a succession wizard you’re gonna need a lot of skill points. So I’ll, probably recommend you start off just grinding Poly’s, getting skill points and then once you reach around about 245 or 250 + AP with kunam, you can start looking at going to Ackman or hysteria and growing out those Spots and then once you get like, but to 69 or around / 281 khuddam, you can look at possibly switching over to grind spots like stars and underwater or like abandoned monastery, but you go watch out for UDP as well.

Now, before we go on to skill selection tree for succession, I just want to quickly go through the endgame build I have, which is pretty much full c9 evasion for pen. Apart from accessories now I used to be full pensee 9di AP before I was hyper evasion.

I can tell you that for ain’t game gear, when you’re hitting above 650 gear score, definitely the evasion is hybrid. Evasion is stronger than they are since you’re a lot tank here, but you still dish out a huge or large amount of damage.

Do you lose out a little bit of DPS compared to the up, but your survivability is a lot better and your, so that makes you better skirmisher as well as you help you survive longer in the fights all right.

So now we’ll. Just go through the skill tree for succession wizard. I’ll, just firstly, start off with IPP selection. So for PvP you would take the fireball explosion, aerial with the knockdown. This is just because the KD is huge and has a pre decent area effect, and while, yes, you do slightly more damage using the focus one and does have a very small farmer just having another range KD is really important for your media.

I would take the aerial media and not the focus media for PP this, because this one has a range knockdown. This is one of your strongest skills on succession wizard and for awakening. Was it well? So this is a huge skill and you really only take the focus for PV.

Pv version does only have forward guard as well. This one, the aerial, is kind of for God, while you’re starting the Carson media. As soon as it starts to hit the ground it’s, soo gamma it ‘ S. Also has definitely the start and knocked down at the end: okay, so next one for the Lightning residual lightning.

I would take the combo version for PvP just because this is a really good Superman extender and it goes straight up after your lightning and it does have a gap at the end of the skill where it’s like similar to thunderstorm.

So you kind of go to cancel out vascular, then also you’ll, get cc’d, but it’s. Really, it does has a really large area effect. It doesn’t. Do that much damage, but I’ve, always been on. Pickup kill kills using the skill, so I recommend using combo for PvP it doesn’t have any CC now for the separate lightning skill.

I will take high voltage just because this is a charging frontal guard skill afford guard skill that gives you front of God. Sorry, yep and basically the skill is hits like a truck. It has a decent aerial effect.

It has plus hundreds and crit rate and temps in accuracy right it’s on a relatively decent cooldown 11 seconds, and you can hold this firm God for, like you know, until Rachel’s round out like half you sound stamina, bah.

So that’s, decent, nothing that’s like almost like around 10 seconds. You can hold it full, so yeah I ‘ Ll. Definitely take this since the only other from gods. You have would be your equilibrium break and you did as well as your media right through that later.

Okay, so for the earthquake skill, I would highly recommend you take invade earthquake just because it is a sa protected movement. Skill that does a decent amount. Damage has really good add-ons and it also has a sniffing cc like it’s, it’s.

This is a really good skill. You should take this for PEP when they slosh girl, 1v1 small scale. This is definitely I don’t understand why people would take destruction over evade for ppl doesn’t mean for your Earth’s response I’ll.

Take the destruction one, but you know you can also take the flow one. The flow one gives you a float, but the skill really isn’t protected. It’s only protected while you’re moving, which is like a fraction of a second the destruction.

One does have a very small gap at the star, the skill that you can link it, the skill at then, and it’s like for SA protection. I’ve, got CCO this very, very low number of times in large scale and some really good movement.

So if I’m and protected skill, so I would take this one for large scale and it, and maybe if you want to do like fancy one thing, one small scale stuff you can take the flow as well, but yeah all right for the Frigid fog, of course you will take the control version and not the disrupt version.

Since this one only has a freeze, it does more damage and also yeah like just take this the control vision or that’s pretty self-explanatory now or the blizzard. You should not take the dome a one, because the dome, a one it really doesn’t, do any damage in PP.

Any um. If you just hit one person really doesn’t, do that much damage. Why’s? This one, you can’t, hold them front guard and not cast it, and you have four on God’s, kill hey when you do cost it. The first couple seconds actually does a decent amount damage.

Even if you’re hitting a ball and it applies like a ranged area effect slow, so you can slow in toe ball. This is a really amazing skill is and does a shitload damage, especially if your range braking somewhere in 1v1 or on top of a roof or something so definitely take this stunt version over the main version PEP.

Now I reckon man that most people take will take pulse stead of ball. I’d and take equilibrium break instead of aqua gel, but really don’t see why you would take bolide over voltaic or you can maybe take eco gel of equilibrium.

But I think equilibrium is a good blade, good skill to have your kit for PEP all right cool. Now, since we’re going through the PvP version, let’s. Talk about PvE now for PDP’s. Free PvE is pretty straightforward.

You won’t, take as much damage as you can, and so you want this shout as much damage as possible. While you know, and that’s, yeah – that’s, pretty much it so for PvE, I will take the fireball explosion, focus as well as the prime meteor shower focus for PvE for the Lightning residual lightning.

I’ll. Take the high-voltage version and then for the separate, lightning Sun up to your choice. I prefer the combo version, but the high-voltage it also does really good damage and gives you protection, as will also be useful in mine.

Spot, like I know, stars in underwater or you know place that hit really hard for PvE. You can take the destruction earthquake but that I used. I personally use evade earthquake because I like the mobility and then for PvE, also take the destruction most response, but it really doesn’t matter, which one take just this once a little bit more protected and, of course, frigid fog still take the control Version and then for blizzard, I’ll, take the domain version just because it does do area of time, damage and also storm.

You’ll so that much for PV either and then of course well PvE I still take, will take and equilibrium break, but you can take bolide. I didn’t see why you take out jail since low skill, but you can take that to Peavy.

Doesn’t really matter that much but yeah that’s, pretty much it for the skill selection for succession. So just quickly go through my PvP add-ons for succession wizard, so the first one I’ll take is earthquake, and this gives you some really good skill, modifiers, both offensively and defensively.

So I take all defense +15, as well as the critical hit rate for us, 20 % and basically, if you use the earthquake, your maid skill, it’s, a really strong initiation skill, yes, that 20 % crit rate critical hit rate is pretty huge.

Next one I take is for meteor shower now for meteor shower. I should take the PP attack now for the second add-on. You can kind of choose which one you want, but so you can choose between reducing the MPD SP as well, or you can choose 4 % car speed or focus in attack.

Speed, doesn’t really depend on the scenario I usually take. The 10 HP recovery, just because it really hits a lot, hits a lot of people, and this helps me sustain better in life scale, engagements and fights it’s really important that you also take fireball as an add-on for pvp and PVE as well.

This is a really slight skills on really cool down. There’s, deep, decent damage in succession, and it has some really good offensive modifiers on it so, basically or PP. You would choose the PP attack +10.

Apart from now, you can also choose either. They’ll, all accuracy, plus 5 % for 12 seconds, which is huge against evasion targets or you can choose sorry. What I was meant to say is that you should always pick up the Kospi +10 first, because that’s huge and then, as your secondary, you can either choose +10 PvP attack or +5 % accuracy.

Do not Kate choose the 15 % chance to down smash that that’s, yeah really, okay. So all our succession skills, the first one picked up – was frigid fog for OPP attack, + 5 +, o accuracy, plus 3 % for flux on your highs, hitting skills in succession, especially when they’re on the ground.

Next one I take is Earth’s response, so I just use the skill so much the essay response with no CC, because such a good bird ESA extension tool that you can all you can linger their essays well and I get so or PvP.

You should so having the +20 attack against monsters. You should probably have either the PvP attack, and then you can also have the critical hit rate as well. If you want pure PEP focus that’s, what you will go OS response, PP attack and Kregel here rate pretty much the one after that is, of course, your will take pulse.

This is the same one you will take for Awakening, which is the US ten defense M, plus 5 % innovation rate. I wouldn’t, really recommend changing out change out these two, but if you’re, not like the amazing ability, if you’re a dr builder, you don’t really care for the extra five percent evasion.

You can also choose to select the bleed damage modifier as well, pretty sure the others are kind of yeah. Although there’s kind of garbage so yeah these are the PvP modifiers. I’ll. Take for my succession wizard.

So now we’ll, go through the PBE add-ons for succession wizard. Now changing some of these out for earthquake. Instead of taking the plus 15 defense, it would take the plus 20 monster damage, as well as a crew tray as well.

If your groaning a place like maybe on the water or something like that, you can maybe switch it out for defense. If you feel like a little bit squishy I wouldn’t use meteor shower. Instead, I’ll, switch that to lightning your lightning skill here and I would select car speed plus some percent, as well as the attack against monsters.

So this is for, like kind of like a pure PvE build more viable. All you need to do is switch out the PP attack. This is your largest modify over P V with 25 + 25 monster damage and then also take the car speed as well.

So after that for your frigid fog, you would choose instead of the pvp attack. Since I know sometimes man that can be an issue in succession should you can take this add-on, which summary covers 10 MP hit, and apart from that, and also take the movement, speed add-on as well plus tip 7 %, so that’s pretty nice, You don’t need too many PVE, most add-on, since you’ll kind of overlap each other after that for Earth’s response.

Instead of taking an oath response, I would take equilibrium break and for equilibrium break. I’ll, take the critical hit rate, as well as the bleed damage for that. The last skill, of course, is voltaic posts and full voltaic posts instead of having on the old defense and evasion, which is more for PvP, for PvE can take the lead damage add-on, as well as the MP recovery.

If you want – or you can also take the old D plus ten so yeah – that that would be like kind of like my general PvE add-ons for succession wizard, of course now you can kind of tweak these add-ons to what suits you.

I would recommend you play around with it a bit yourself, but this is probably what I’ll, be running if I was groaning like and gank where in sports, like history or Ackman underwater or you know, stars in or abandoned monastery, so yeah, hopefully That was helpful for you, guys: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ],

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