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This works on verions 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 17.4 17.5, and 17.6. It has not been test on the new Kodi 18 version since it is in beta. You can add multiple addons to use. All in one addons usually have these options are very easy to add in and sync. You can watch all kinds of movies, tv shows, sports, games, and so much more. This can easily be installed on any android device including firesticks also. Complete Kodi XBMC Tutorial, very user friendly and simple install method for all your kodi devices. Easy tutorial install method for firestick, nvidia shield, minix, windows, linux, and any android device. #kodiexodus #kodiyoda #kodiplacenta Enjoy Rohas

Music Info: THBD Lost in the Night Feat Pipa Moran

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  1. Is there a site that have a list of links with sources which connect to sources of TV sources? 😂 Just kidding. Now really, is there a site full of links so when sources like those shown in this video go down we can just find new one in 2 mins. It's really hard doing it like this, I have to spend 20 mins searching for tons of links until one is working.

  2. I got all the way through this until I ckick on Install from zip file <.supremacy> nothing happens? Any thoughts on what Im doing wrong? I am using a Firestick, could it be RAM limitations? NVIDIA better?

  3. I took a nap falling asleep while watching Kodi by the time I woke up the whole program didn't work and of course I went into panic mode even though this happens all the time but for some reason I get scared every single time exodus genesis Covenant…etc but this one so far is amazing I've only been using it for about 5 minutes and it's already surpassed all of those add-ons absolutely no buffering tons and tons of links I am so happy right now thank you so so much for posting this now I can rest easy and nap peacefully lol!

  4. Yo I have a question what does it mean when you pick a movie to watch and you know how you have to choose a streaming sight or whatever so I choose one and it loads then quits and dosesnt play the movie or sometimes it won’t even load and play the movie it’s really annoying any suggestions would be great thanks

  5. Is there any partivular reason thus link isnt working anymore? I have the yoda on my fire stick as well as my sisters but right now i am trying to put it onto a new fire stick but it isnt working … is there and way to resolve this?


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